Building a foundation of trust:

Overcoming injustice with inclusivity in Yemen

After more than six years of violent conflict, communities in Yemen struggle to distinguish legitimate justice actors from the sweeping fist of armed militias. Yemenis have lost confidence in the formal justice system and instead often rely on trusted local leaders.

Economic Difficulties at the Root of Increased Conflict

“Since the economy crashed in Yemen, we are seeing more problems arise within the community,” explains Ahmed, a young Insider Mediator.

What can we Achieve with Informal Justice?

Nasser, another Insider Mediator, works in the security sector. With key insights from his daily work, Nasser understands firsthand why it is critical for Insider Mediators to intervene before an argument escalates into a violent dispute.

Getting the Word Out

Among the five Insider Mediators we spoke with, most rely on word-of-mouth for referrals, but many rely on their existing recognition within the community.

A Toolbox for Formal Justice Actors

Understanding that the formal justice system still has a critical role to play within the community, UNDP has provided formal training and capacity building for over 1,000 personnel from rule of law institutions, including judges, prosecutors, police, and prison officials.

‏‏شعوب متمكنة، أمم صامدة -الحساب الرسمي لبرنامج الأمم المتحدة الإنمائي في المنطقة العربية. UNDP official account in the Arab States