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Jul 2 · 3 min read

The African Youth Innovation Camp from 21 to 25 June was held in Aswan as the city has been declared the 2019 Capital for African Youth by H.E Abdelfattah Elsisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

100 participants from 13 different African countries have joined UNDP Egypt in the celebration of the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) and Egypt as the Leading country of the African Union. Through the camp, we have leveraged the African youth to be advocates for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Agenda 2030 and innovators for development solutions through the Design Thinking Methodology.

UNDP has applied different Social Innovation Methodologies especially the Design Thinking one through the camp as we aimed to ensure fostering environment to unleash youth’s creativity and innovative capacity.

The participants created 17 solutions that tackled the local communities’ challenges such as clean water, environment, electronic waste, education and economic opportunities for the marginalized groups. They were mentored by the UNDP Team, Young Leadership Programme (YLP) partners and YLPers Alumni during the camp days and will be following up on them to provide the needed mentoring and guidance to implement their ideas.

The first-place team was GYS (Guide Yourself). Their solution was a mobile Application to promote tourism in Egypt specially for the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and Solo travelers, the applicant will use Augmented Reality and Location-Based Systems (LBS) to provide the tourists with a private virtual tour guide. At the first phase, the tour guide will be using the sign language to explain the touristic places and providing an exclusive experience overcoming the inequality in tourism.

The second-place team, RIYO (Dream in Somalian) team from Somalia. As Somalians are lacking the personal documentations for the citizens as they don’t have a National ID, team RIYO will be using Big Data and Blockchain to collect and analyze people’s Data and collaborate with the Somalian government to create a national database for the citizens which will overcome the challenge they are facing with the identification and issuing any documents as the marriage certificates, passport, etc…

Dina Abazeed, Sudan: “What I really found an advantage is the camp participants themselves. The experiences swapping that happened here, because of the diversity, I wouldn’t find it elsewhere”

Mahad, Somalia: “My group’s name is “Nogoum Africa” and we’re very happy to be part of the camp and its activities and I will definitely be recommending this camp for my friends if it is going to be happening again. I would recommend visiting Aswan too.”

UNDP Egypt

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