Villagers in rural Moldova join forces for clean water

UNDP Eurasia
Jul 31, 2017 · 4 min read
Ecaterina Chiciuc carries water to her house. Photos: Victor Pictor/UNDP Moldova
Many of the villagers make a living breeding poultry and cultivating vegetables.
The rusty pipes make water undrinkable.

Ecaterina Chiciuc’s family and household carry water across great distances.
Crowdfunding campaign video.
Villagers volunteer to transform the village.

“When I saw tap water in my household, I cried. I have built this house and raised three children. You can image how much water I have carried for food, washing and other necessities over the years,” she says.

Aculina Girnet enjoys clean water in her household.

The initiative has improved the quality of life for everyone.

Thanks to UN Moldova and Tatiana Solonari

UNDP Eurasia

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