Syrians and Jordanians Become One in the Kitchen

Beneficiaries frying potatoes as part of their skill exchange

UNDP’s Skills Exchange project in the Jordanian governorate of Irbid brought Jordanians and Syrians under one umbrella in a one of a kind social experience with the aim of improving livelihood and job opportunities for both as well as enhance social cohesion in the hosting communities of Syrian refugees in the northern region.

Syrians and Jordanians making Shawerma

The project focuses on 6 main sectors where well experienced Syrians play the role of trainers for their Jordanian counterparts transferring their expertise and industry tricks to aspiring young Jordanians.

89 young Jordanian women and men were selected to become trainees in the food sector; where they learn are introduced to different food specialities such as pickles, dairy products, Shawerma, pastries, snacks and other variety of Arabic and international foods.

A group of beneficiaries making a salad as part of their food processing training in Irbid

48 expert Syrians joined the program as trainers after taking several refresher courses to brush on their food processing skills.

One of the Jordanian trainees using the mixer during hands-on training
Left: Saleh Zenati, 31 years old Jordanian overcoming a disability in his leg. Right: Mahmoud Zarour, 43 years old Syrian battling recurring cancer

UNDP’s project “Skills Exchange Between Jordanians and Syrian Refugees in Irbid Governorate” is funded by the Japanese government in collaboration with the World Food Programme (WFP) and the National Microfinance Bank.

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