Insights on the 2019 and 2020 behavioral experiments aimed at reducing energy consumption in Moldovan households

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During the last few years, behavioral experimentation became a niche for UNDP Moldova and its Innovation Unit. The “architect” of these bold projects is Dumitru Vasilescu, Policy Specialist, who tests with enthusiasm new solutions to existing development challenges.

What does a behavioral experiment mean and when it is worth using it?

For me, the behavioral experiment is a test of a solution that is focused on improving and measuring change in a specific human behavior. In our case this is about testing specific social norms and how these work in the local context. I think this is a niche for UNDP going forward, particularly in a context in which we are increasingly facing complex systemic risks and human behavior (i.e. …


UNDP in Moldova

In Moldova, UNDP helps people build better lives, by supporting #GlobalGoals.

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