17 ‘ Sustainable’ Resolutions for the New Year

UNDP Zimbabwe
Jan 28 · 2 min read

2020 is the start of the ‘ Decade of Action’ for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Everybody has a role to play towards their attainment. Why not make it a part of your New Year’s Resolutions?

Here are 17 resolutions you can add to your list to help us achieve the Sustainable Development Goals:

  1. No Poverty — Volunteer to help end poverty

2. Zero Hunger — Keep your portion sizes small to avoid throwing food away.

3. Good Health and Well-being —Move! Exercise or find an activity or sport you enjoy to stay fit and healthy.

4. Quality Education — Give the gift of knowledge by donating your old books to someone who needs them.

5. Gender Equality — Speak up and speak out against gender based violence and early child marriages!

6. Clean Water and Sanitation — Practice good toilet hygiene and reduce your households risk of illnesses.

7. Affordable and Clean Energy — Invest in solar energy (an expensive investment but worth it in the long run!)

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth — Don’t wait! Get started on that business idea and earn that money

9. Industry , Innovation and Infrastructure — Learn how to code. It is a vital skill in the new decade and 4th industrial revolution.

10.Reduced Inequalities —Ensure equal opportunities for both men and women.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities — Create and protect green spaces ( parks, wetlands , sports fields ) in urban areas.

12. Responsible Consumption and Production — Use locally sourced materials and products.

13. Climate Action — Unplug appliances that are not in use to conserve energy.

14. Life Below Water — Consume fish sustainably by buying and eating locally caught fish.

15. Life on Land — Help reduce and prevent deforestation by using recycled paper.

16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions — Take part in town halls, district meetings , parliamentary portfolio meetings. Voice your opinions and be informed about the policies which affect you.

17. Partnerships to achieve the goals — Think beyond your borders and seek out global partnerships and opportunities.

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