UNE Joins Lists of Organizations to sign on to ‘Open Letter to Amazon’

Dear Jeff,

So last month, Amazon announced that you are looking for a location for your second headquarters (Amazon HQ2), and cities across North America jumped at a chance to submit proposals. You have your list of things you’re looking for from cities — but we live in these cities, and we’ve got some expectations of our own for Amazon.

We love jobs, we love technology, and we love convenience — but what you’re looking for will impact every part of our cities. …

It’s with great excitement that I announce that FRESC is transforming our approach to winning by building grassroots people power and developing members to lead the fight.

Where We’ve Been

For over a decade — 15 years — FRESC has been a strong and consistent voice on issues affecting low wage workers and their families. Focused on creating good jobs and strong communities for all people in metro-Denver, FRESC quickly established itself as an invaluable resource for public policy elevating working families, by advocating for living wage jobs, paid sick days and affordable housing.

FRESC has made important strides over…

UNE Action

UNE Action is a community lead organization working to build power of Colorado families through advancing social, racial and economic justice.

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