Facebook’s Anonymous Login

By: Tiffany Nelson

Facebook has received a lot of criticism for sharing data to third parties. Last year,

Facebook announced plans to launch the anonymous login. This new tool will allow users to sign in anonymously through different apps. Facebook will continue to collect data from its users.

The data only remains anonymous to third parties and ad networks. The user’s name is unknown, but ad networks will be able to build profiles based on the user’s in-app activity. The anonymous login is currently in the beta format. If you go on Facebook, you can apply for the anonymous login beta. In the article, “Facebook Moves To Become The World’s Most Powerful Data Broker,” Parmy Olson (2014) said, “By getting out of the way and offering backed tools to developers and Anonymous Logins to consumers, Facebook hopes to encourage a greater indulgence of personal data which it can use as leverage with advertisers who are desperate to better-target their ads.” Even though users can choose to login anonymously, Facebook still collects private information as data. The main difference is Facebook is becoming selective as to what kind of data ad networks will receive.

With the new anonymous login, Facebook could become a larger data broker than Google. According to Mark DiMassimo (2014), CEO of the ad agency DiMassimo Goldstein, “Google knows what folks have searched. Facebook knows who you are (Facebook Moves).”

Reference: Olson, P. (2014). Facebook Moves To Become The World’s Most Powerful Data Broker. Forbes.Com, 7.