‘I hope people don’t forget’: Diary of an aid worker in Syria

UN Refugee Agency
Aug 19 · 7 min read
Yumiko Takashima meets seven-year-old Subhi, who is visually impaired, in Aleppo, Syria. ©UNHCR/Antwan Chnkdji
A man walks through the shattered streets of Aleppo in February 2019. ©UNHCR/Antwan Chnkdji
Yumiko learns about some of the activities at this children’s centre in Aleppo. ©UNHCR/Hameed Maarouf
Yumiko meets 79-year-old Um Bassam, who has returned to Aleppo to rebuild her life amid the devastation. ©UNHCR/Antwan Chnkdji
Yumiko talks with young women and girls at a community centre in Aleppo. ©UNHCR/Antwan Chnkdji
UNHCR is providing Aleppo residents with lifesaving assistance, including the kitchen sets shown here. ©UNHCR/Antwan Chnkdji

UN Refugee Agency

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The official account of UNHCR. Follow us as we provide vital aid and protection to the forcibly displaced around the world.

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