By Nonso Jideofor

How has localization impacted the roles of international humanitarian actors? Has localization resulted in shifting power to national and local humanitarian actors? These were some of the questions that UNHCR’s Innovation Service set out to answer through the research to understand the nature and progress of localization…

By Rose K. Hendricks

When we encounter a metaphor, we rely on our various lenses, shaped by our experiences, to interpret and respond to it. For example, our identity, family dynamics, and culture — among many other factors — influence how we make sense of what we encounter in the…

The importance of championing creative, refugee-led approaches to misinformation and hate speech.

Image by Hans Park.

By Katie Drew, Deputy a.i., UNHCR’s Innovation Service

The current, harrowing situation in Afghanistan has shone a light on many disturbing challenges, including hostile narratives and toxic language against Afghan refugees online. Given how grave the humanitarian situation…

Dr. Pierce Otlhogile-Gordon is an innovation catalyst, researcher, facilitator, and evaluator, impassioned by the space between transformation and liberation. As the Director of the Equity Innovation studio at Think Rubix, a Black-led social innovation consultancy. Dr. Gordon serves as a shepherd for Equity Innovation to shape our collective future. …

UNHCR Innovation Service

UNHCR’s Innovation Service embeds new approaches and methodologies to address the growing humanitarian needs of today and more critically — the future.

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