Content Creation with Instagram

With the introduction of photo and video into social media, marketing teams have learned to adapt to the constant need of creating content. By personally identifying with brands, consumers also could become brand ambassadors, visualizing and creating new content of their own. Realizing just how much there is to benefit from consumer photography, visual marketing professionals made sure the social media landscape kept up. With photos either making or breaking companies, social media helps gauge content reception on an individual basis. Even with the importance of visual and textual content only some fully integrate both. No social media apps are more exemplary of this integration than Instagram, a completely different marketing tool in and of itself.

As a social medium that balances the consumer’s need for visual and textual information, Instagram allows users to post a photo or a collage of photos (with the use of Layout) including a caption in a continually scrolling feed. The app, now key for many companies, allows users to follow people, search for hashtags, geotags, and more. A photo can convey a lot to a viewer in 30 seconds, more than the of written word, and companies have begun to notice. Here at the University of New Hampshire we utilize Instagram in a multitude of ways to show how our students are involved on and off campus, as well as getting students more engaged in the community.

Some of our favorite ways to engage students with the community include:


The #UNHSocial team uses different holidays to emphasize different aspects of the UNH Community. This year around Veteran’s Day, the university community participated in the #UNHServes Campaign. Occurring on Veteran’s Day, the campaign features UNH Students, UNH Alumni and more giving back to their local communities on behalf of UNH. With events occurring as close as Boston and the New Hampshire Seacoast to as far away as California, #UNHServes is becoming a annual event for our community. One idea that we apply to this style of campaign is cross promoting. The way we cross promote events is by sharing linked stories on different social media accounts such as @UofNH, @UNHStudents, and @UNHAlumni, and by linking to other department blogs or accounts to increase the viewership of one another.


#InstaUNH is another campaign we use to feature a variety of student’s Instagram photos every week. Using Hootsuite and other monitoring tools, the student team selects one winner per week to be featured across social media but also on UNHTV, the university’s television system. Before using anyone’s posts, we always ask permission to share the photo and the student’s Instagram account with the university’s social media followers.

The Repost App:

Repost is another application we use to feature student photos. Repost, unlike #InstaUNH, is not a campaign, rather its an application that allows users to “re-gram” someone’s photos while also including their caption and username for credit. Repost also does not post to the university televisions, a feature only #InstaUNH performs. Our team uses repost to feature students directly to the @UNHStudents account. This is usually based on photography that we consider to have a community oriented meaning or response, something that exemplifies the UNH community.

Written by Devon Hamilton ’17