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Instagram: Scheduled in Hootsuite!

It is an exciting day for Hootsuite users, especially our #UNHSocial team. The top-requested and long awaited integration of Instagram in to the social media management platform has finally been released, allowing users to schedule, monitor, and engage all from the comfort of the Hootsuite dashboard.*

*Kind of. There is still a slight manual process when actually posting. Details outlined in the videos below.

With the ability to create and schedule content for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ all in one place, Hootsuite simplifies the life of a social media manager. Scheduling posts to each network according to a content calendar is one of the best ways to keep organized (and sane) to ensure your department or division is consistently publishing high-quality, well-written, timely and engaging content across all of your social media networks.

In order to be taken seriously on social media, to engage and increase your followers, you must be active on social media.
#ThrowbackThursday post. Interesting content, engaging the audience with a question, acknowledging and answering in the comments.

Instagram is one of the few major social media networks that does not allow posts to be scheduled in advance. The original concept of the app was to share moments and photos from your phone as they happened, with minor editing software included. The incredible growth and popularity of the app has brought the attention of brands and marketers from all industries in recent years. Instagram (acquired by Facebook in 2012) is now embracing the business community further, while still maintaining the primary interface and user experience of the original application. In order to post content, marketers and social media managers have been required to move the images and caption messaging to a smartphone in order to post directly through Instagram at the exact time they want the picture to post. Difficult? Not really. Annoying? Yes.

With this integration, brands and organizations that use Hootsuite can simplify the posting process by scheduling Instagram posts while scheduling Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, et al. right in the Hootsuite dashboard. Download this instruction manual and watch these two helpful videos to guide you through the setup and usage of Instagram for Hootsuite.

Now, this integration certainly isn't perfect yet and it is still a workaround requiring you to ultimately post from your phone… But uploading a photo, writing the caption, and remembering when to post for peak engagement is now more integrated in to your overall social media management strategy, calendar, and process. It’s a step in the right direction.

Are you ready to schedule and monitor Instagram content with Hootsuite? Looking to start an Instagram account for your department/organization at UNH? Let the #UNHSocial team know! We can help you get started, provide some tips and best practices, and list your account in our social media directory.

Happy Instagramming, Wildcats!

This post written by Tyler Wentworth, Senior Producer of Social Media.

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