November 2018

November 2018: Social Media Review

Thanksgiving is behind us. The fall semester is winding down next week and the mercury is shrinking, ice has formed on the ponds and lakes… Hockey season has begun. Winter is coming and us Wildcats have our flannel and blankets ready. But first, let’s take a look back at some November highlights and see what content was the most engaging to our audience.


In November, The University of New Hampshire Facebook Page had 30,204 engagements (862 more engagements than previous month). The reach was more than 4.1 million (6% increase from previous month), and our page views were 11% lower than the previous report.

The post with the highest reach in November showcased the autumn season all around our beautiful campus through this 1-minute video. The Facebook post earned 64,250 total impressions and reached 38,364 total people with 83 total comments, 234 overall shares, and 975 total reactions with 890 clicks to play.

The top video was also our top post, once again. It had more than 7,230 minutes of view time, 13,138 unique viewers, and the top audience was women 45–54 years old. As November came to a close, we had collected 255,442 minutes of video viewed on our Facebook Page, which was 7.7% higher than the previous month.

There were 180 new page likes in November giving us a total of 58,515 Facebook fans at the close of November.

November 2018: Facebook Audience for The University of New Hampshire
Comparison: Facebook Competitor Page Likes, November 2018


With over 13,500 impressions and 500 engagements, our top tweet was #TheMostBeautifulCampusInAmerica (go ahead, click the hashtag).

The tweet had 110 likes, 25 retweets, and 29 profile clicks. The highest engagement came from a tweet displaying the first snowfall of the year. It had 1,202 engagements, 108 likes, 15 retweets, and 17 profile clicks.

The @UofNH Twitter channel continues to grow in November, as we sent 67 tweets with 225 retweets, 1,409 likes, 520 link clicks, and over 349,400 impressions with 160 mentions and 9,709 profile visits.

We lost 38 followers for a total of 27,758 at the end of November. Our engagement between gender was 55% to 45% in favor of women.

Leading Interests of the @UofNH Twitter Audience


Dusk on campus just after changing the clocks back, created a great photo of Thompson Hall, the flag pole, and the twilight sky above.

This delightful photo collected 2,437 likes and 8 comments. 31 people saved the Instagram photo to their own accounts. The engagement rate was over 10% with more than 21,500 impressions and a reach of almost 15,200.

Runners up for top Instagram post included a video of our first campus snow fall, Men’s America East soccer championship, and a photo from fresh snow in front of Thompson Hall at UNH.

UofNH: Top liked Instagram posts of November 2018
The amount of @UofNH Instagram followers continues to climb in November 2018.

The average engagement rate for the @UofNH Instagram feed in November was 5.55% (17.85% up from previous month) and we had an average of 3 comments per post. There were more than 834,100 impressions and the average reach per post was 12,200 (1.67% up from previous month). In November, we posted 23 times (15% more than previous month). When the month ended we had increased our Instagram followers to 24,904 (542 new followers, and a 2.9% gain from previous month). Another positive month!

Instagram Stories.

The Instagram Story with the highest reach in November was Men’s Soccer and the America East Championship game. It reached 6,537 people with 7,650 impressions and a 91% completions rate.

The average completion rate for Instagram Stories overall in November was 95.01% (.03% decrease over previous month) and our average impressions were 5,343 per story (up 8.52% from the previous month).

Our impressions for all Instagram Stories in November landed at 459,524 (-11% down from previous month).

Runners up for top Instagram Stories in November included more from men’s soccer, CatChats: What Are you Thankful For?, and CatChats: What’s Your Dream Job?

UofNH: Top Instagram Stories for November 2018

This Is UNH.

Our latest Instagram account is still on fire, picking up new followers, increasing engagement, and growing in popularity amongst students on campus. If you’re still unfamiliar with This Is UNH, it’s our new home for student takeovers, replacing Snapchat so we can measure our success!

We started this account in late August 2018 and after three full months, we’ve have passed 1,000 followers. This authentic content is shared with our undergraduate and graduate admissions team and helps prospective students understand life at UNH from the student’s perspective. View the newsfeed post to learn about our takeover, then watch the Instagram Story! Follow here:


We put disposable cameras at various spots around campus...

This video shows you exactly what happened… and there’s a photo album here: The Facebook post collected 17 shares, 8 comments, and a lot of love.


The video team added more great videos to our YouTube library in November, and thanks to out incredible video team, you can watch Mia’s story below and learn all about her journey as a Wildcat.

There were 47 new subscribers to our YouTube channel in November, so our subscribed audience size is now 2,814 people. More than 126 of our videos were added, or embedded to other YouTube playlists with 295 of our videos shared.

In November, viewers watched 31,767 minutes on our YouTube page (-7% down from previous month) and our average view time was 1:25 (-13% down from previous month).

Lastly, 86% of our videos were watched on our YouTube page with 14% of the views from embedded external websites and apps. 23% of our traffic comes form searches on YouTube.

Top UNH YouTube videos watched in November 2018

UNH: Top Videos Watched in November 2018


UNH LinkedIn: Top Job Functions (our followers)

Our LinkedIn page views were down 29% in November and our unique visitors were down 24%. UNH has 101,535 total followers on our LinkedIn page at the end of the month, which was a gain of 336 people.

Our top five locations in November were the Boston Metro area, New York City, Portland, Maine, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco, California.

The top LinkedIn post for engagement in November was a video post in which we wished everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving. The post had 336 likes, 11 comments, and 12 shares. It had 28,442 impressions and an engagement rate of 2.1% with 10,889 total video views.

Looking at the UNH brand…

The University of New Hampshire’s potential reach in November was 16.1 billion through all earned media. UNH gained 4.1 thousand mentions and more than 111,300 engagements on all earned media for November.

As we enter November and get closer to the end of the semester, we look forward to Veterans Day activities, Thanksgiving Break, and Giving Tuesday. We can’t wait to share November’s data with you. Please contact us with any questions or comments. Go Wildcats!


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Written by Jason Boucher, captain of the UNH social media team. Find more at 🐾