October 2018

October 2018: Social Media Review

It seems way to fast. Autumn is in full swing with Homecoming, Family Weekend, Halloween, and the beautiful fall foliage in the rearview mirror with Thanksgiving quickly creeping upon us. The clocks have changed, it’s getting darker, but don’t let that distract you from all the amazing activity and bright content the social media team has provided you every day.

Let’s take a look back at October and see what posts led the way and engaged with our audience the most, beginning with Facebook.


In October, The University of New Hampshire Facebook Page had 343,380 engagements (371% increase from previous month). The reach was more than 3.7 million (552% increase from previous month), and our page views were 20% higher than the previous report.

The post with the highest reach in October was our student-created video highlighting the White Mountains and all the activities within driving distance that our students can get involved in and explore. The Facebook post had 17,255 total impressions and reached 12,319 total people with 20 comments, 27 overall shares, and 270 total reactions with 949 post clicks.

There was 880,968 total video views on our Facebook Page in October. The top video was also the top post, as seen above... It had more than 1,236 minutes of view time and the top audience was women 18–24 years old.

There were 162 new page likes and 175 new followers in October giving us a total of 58,357 Facebook fans at the close of the month.

UNH Facebook Engagement by Age and Gender — October 2018
Comparison: Facebook Competitor Page Likes, October 2018


With over 9,500 impressions and 400 engagements, our tweet all about UNH Family Weekend gained top spot in October. The tweet also had 25 likes and 5 retweets.

Twitter continues to grow in October, as we sent 81 tweets with 212 retweets, 1,100 likes, 559 link clicks, and over 550,000 impressions with 910 mentions and 8,123 profile visits.

We gained 184 new followers for a total of 27,792 at the end of October and our engagement between gender was 54% to 46% in favor of women.

Leading Interests of the @UofNH Twitter Audience


The foliage photos hit our audience hard. They love seeing the fall colors as much as we do! This beautiful photo did remarkably well with 1,958 likes, but had 0 comments. Perhaps our audience was simply in awe. 22 people saved this amazing photo to their own Instagram accounts and it had over an 8% engagement rate with more than 21,000 impressions.

Runners up for top Instagram post included an aerial photo of downtown Durham, more foliage, and a photo from UNH Homecoming weekend.

The amount of @UofNH Instagram followers continues to climb in October.

The average engagement rate for the @UofNH Instagram feed in October was 4.5% (-20% down from previous month) and we had an average of 5 comments per post. There were more than 878,400 impressions and the average reach per post was 50% (-15% down from previous month). In October, we posted 21 times (16% more than previous month) When the month ended we had increased our Instagram followers to 24,293 (681 new followers, and a 2.9% gain from the previous month). Another positive month!

Instagram Stories.

The Instagram Story with the highest reach in October was President James W. Dean’s inauguration. It reached 5,898 people with 129,273 impressions and a 92% completions rate.

The Instagram Story with the highest completion rate however, was ‘CatChats: UNH Homecoming edition with 6,300 completions.

The average completion rate for Instagram Stories in October was 95.35% (.05% increase over previous month) and our average impressions were 4,900 per story, slightly down from the previous month.

Our impressions in October were exceptional with 534,100 (-18% down from previous month).

Runners up for top Instagram Stories in October 2018 included Cat Chats:Homecoming Edition, a rainy Monday on campus, tailgating from UNH Homecoming weekend.

The most completed Instagram Stories were ‘Cat Chats: Homecoming Edition, followed by President James W. Dean’s inauguration, and UNH Homecoming.

This Is UNH.

Our latest Instagram account instagram.com/thisisunh has been on fire lately, rapidly picking up new followers and increasing engagement with each new takeover. If you’re still unfamiliar with This Is UNH, it’s our new home for student takeovers, replacing Snapchat for too many reasons, one of which is the ability to access analytics and measure success!

We started this account in August 2018 and after two months, we’ve have over 885 followers, with authentic content to share with our admissions team and help prospective students understand life at UNH from the student’s perspective. Follow here: instagram.com/thisisunh


Many new videos have been added to our YouTube library in October, thanks to out incredible video team. One of the October highlights was all about aquaculture and hydroponics research at UNH. (Watch the video below)

There were 72 new subscribers to our YouTube channel in October for a total of 2,769. More than 122 of our videos were added, or embedded to other YouTube playlists with 287 of our videos shared.

The month of October also had 35,401 minutes of watch time (-38% down from previous month) and an average view time of 1:39.

Lastly, 85% of our videos were watched on our YouTube page with 15% of the views from embedded external websites and apps. 21% of our traffic comes form searches on YouTube.

Top UNH YouTube videos watched in October 2018:


October 2018: Top Job Functions by UNH LInkedIn Followers

In October, our LinkedIn page views were up 5% and our unique visitors were down 1%. There were 101,215 total followers on our LinkedIn page at the end of the month, which was a gain of 636 people.

Our top five locations in October were the Boston Metro area, New York City, Portland, Maine, San Francisco, California, and Washington, D.C.

The top LinkedIn post for engagement in October a throwback to UNH Homecoming 2017 in which we had the largest crowd ever for a football game. The post was also a way to promote this year’s UNH Homecoming game and activities. The #TBT post on LinkedIn had an engagement rate of 2.6% and 346 clicks with 156 social actions.

Looking at the brand…

The University of New Hampshire’s potential reach in October was 92.6 billion through earned media. UNH gained 31.1 thousand mentions and almost 500,000 engagements on all earned media for October 2018. Truly great numbers…

As we enter November and get closer to the end of the semester, we look forward to Veterans Day activities, Thanksgiving Break, and Giving Tuesday. We can’t wait to share November’s data with you. Please contact us with any questions or comments. Go Wildcats!

Written by Jason Boucher, Captain of the UNH social media team. Find more at unh.edu/social. 🍂