Social Media & Fundraising

Sharing relevant content, promoting events, nurturing relationships and engaging your stakeholders everyday through social media is the key to having a successful social media focused fundraiser. It’s half the work. If you keep your audience entertained and informed each day, the you know they’re paying attention. Have you heard of the 411 rule? Post four educational, entertaining, fun, engaging posts for every one “soft promotion” (sign up to attend an event) or “hard promotion” (asking for donations). Give your followers lots of cake, (light-hearted and engaging posts), but once in awhile give them a little broccoli (the necessary ask).

Our audience’s trust — ultimately, our most powerful selling tool — hangs in the balance. We don’t want to lose followers or shrink engagement. At UNH, we post a different alumnus profile each week in a series we call ‘Wildcat Wednesdays.’ It’s shared on our UNH Alumni social media outlets and then reposted on other UNH-related accounts throughout the day. It’s a great way to showcase alumni and what they’re doing after college. It also gives answers to how UNH played a part in reaching their goals and how they got started in their careers after leaving campus. These profiles show our audience that our students are successful and go on to do great things in the world. It also shows current and perspective students that after graduation you will find a job! These stories get shared and retweeted and many times it leads to others making gifts or donating their time — it’s another way to keep your brand fresh in the eyes of your stakeholders who might be donating at the next fundraiser. It’s an indirect ask, but it’s not obvious.

The ROI (return on investment) in social media can be hard to measure, but set up a few KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and take a look at your click-through rate (CTR), social media shares, retweets, and comments made (Engagement Rate) and then figure out how many donations came from those posts.*

Remember: A campaign is successful if it receives a lot of participants. And that will happen if it’s a quality campaign with a quality social media effort behind it. More shares lead to more exposure. Creating a quality campaign and sharing it appropriately could create a viral effect, which can make your campaign a success. Plan your strategy ahead of time and have a plan. Good luck!

*Measure how many people landed on your donation page and other metrics with a free Google Analytics account.

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