Social Media Review: December 2018


The end of the fall semester came quick, so did the holidays. With little to no snow fall in the month of December, we didn’t have many snowy photos to share, but we did have some exciting events take place — alumni network holiday parties, President Dean’s first holiday video card, primal scream and the Frazzle Free Finals in Dimond Library, wins from our men’s and women’s hockey teams, and more… Let’s take a look back at December and see what social media posts did well and what trended during the holidays.


Most Engaging Facebook Posts in December 2018

Our top engaging Facebook posts in the month of December belong to our remembrance of President George H.W. Bush, a commencement speaker in 2007, and our holiday message complete with a gingerbread Thompson Hall created by our friends in UNH Hospitality Services. The Facebook post all about President George H.W. Bush received 9% engagement with 155 link clicks and 12 shares. The gingerbread Thompson Hall post acquired an 8% engagement rate with 307 clicks to view photo and 81 shares.

The month of December ended with our Facebook adding 379 new likes and 101,024 minutes of video watched.


Most Engaging Tweets in December 2018

The top engaging tweets sent during the month of December were an amazing sunset over campus that was captured with our drone, Wildcat-1. The other top engaging tweet was our reply to Rodger Sherman’s questions about squirrels on campus.

Our squirrels prefer NH Coffee and love to greet students headed to class along the path. The beautiful sunset received an engagement rate of 6.1% with over 11,000 impressions. The UNH squirrel received an engagement rate of 17.1% with more than 9,000 impressions.

The month of December ended and @UofNH on Twitter had collected 82 new followers and 334,000 impressions, and 406 mentions.


Most Engaging Instagram posts (feed) in December 2018

Our top Instagram posts for engagement went to the dogs of Durham… and the mighty sunset behind campus. People absolutely love puppies and dogs, even though we’re the Wildcats. Is it fair? We’re not sure…

The dogs are the most engaging and with that they collected a 13.12% engagement rate with 3,227 likes and 30 comments. The sunset with the sky on fire got 9.85% engagement rate with 2,400 likes and 8 comments.

The month of December ended with @UofNH Instagram having over 25,000 followers with an average engagement rate of 6.45% per post.


Instagram Stories continues to impress with great numbers and good engagement.

In December, the story with the most reach was the Primal Scream in the UNH Library. This story reached 6,005 with 7,135 impressions. The completion rate was 95% with 217 taps back and 3 replies.

250,578 impressions in December and an average reach rate of 18.19%. We can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for Instagram Stories!


The most engaging LinkedIn post was our remembrance of President George H.W. Bush. He was twice a commencement speaker in Durham, New Hampshire.

The post collected 394 likes with 19 comments and an engagement rate of 3.5%. The University of New Hampshire LinkedIn Page had 1,778 unique visitors in December and the top location was Boston, Massachusetts followed by New York City.


The most watched video in December was UNH Hockey on the Road in 2012 with 2,374 minutes watched. The 2018 UNH Holiday card with President Dean was right behind it with more than 2,198 minutes watched. Have you seen it yet?

There were 46 added subscribers, 290 of our videos shared on YouTube, with 31,490 minutes watched. UNH on YouTube had 2,868 subscribers at the end of December.


We had 144 downloads in December with Northeast Passage at UNH being the highest having 49 downloads. The majority of our audience listens via the iTunes Podcast app. Have a listen below…

The UNH Podcats has 2,249 downloads since August 2018.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more information and metrics next month.

Jason Boucher