UNH and Snapchat

The University of New Hampshire began using Snapchat in September 2014. We wanted to have a more personal communication with both our current and admitted students. We knew Snapchat was popular with those 25 years old and younger and that Snapchat has over 100 million average monthly users, so it was a no-brainer to explore. We wanted to create engagement that spanned beyond just comments. Snapchat aggregates content and makes it easy for followers to view and share “Our Story,” which includes photos, videos, and animation.

We try to share engaging content across many social media platforms and started using Snapchat to collect content from students and then re-share. Instead of pushing out content, Snapchat allows content to come to us making it a two-way street and more engaging for followers.

Our first geofilter for Snapchat at UNH.

We’ve had even more success since launching a UNH specific geofilter. Students have been telling us how much they like it (both through Snapchat and through other social media channels) and consistently using it in their stories and snaps, which only helps UNH extend its reach across social media and helps promote the school.

We use the “My Story” feature in Snapchat to communicate and share with followers. Each time a new follower is added, we send a GIF (#UNHSocial) snap back! Since Snapchat is used to engage students on a more personal level — their daily stories on Snapchat are their daily lives and they’ve chosen to share some of that day with us!

Recent Snapchat geofilters in Durham, NH

Since we’ve promoted Snapchat via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, we’ve doubled our followers and increased our Snapchat score. Not only are students adding us as a friend, but they personally “snap” back to us on a regular basis. We plan to use our connections going forward to promote events (athletics events, lectures, curtailment, news, memes, fun photos, contests) on campus and as a way of pushing information to our stakeholders. Again, the audience is students and perspective students. Soon, we will transition to also include alumni and the overall community because as students advance and become alumni, it seems smart to stay in touch. As long as Snapchat grows, we should too.

Snapchat keeps growing and adding new features, so I see it’s popularity increasing and our followers continue to increase. With a new class coming this Fall, we’ll definitely add a lot more followers to the unh students Snapchat. Look for UofNH on Snapchat soon!

Written by Jason Boucher

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