Welcome UNH Class of 2020

UNH Move-In Weekend

On Friday, August 26th, 2016 the newest Wildcats arrived on campus for move-in day.

Before they arrived, we wanted to make our newest class feel welcome, so we created snaps, tweets, and Instagram stories encouraging them to share packing, traveling, and moving photos. Here’s just a few of the many we received and then shared with our followers…

UNH 2020 arrives on campus from New Jersey, Texas, and beyond!
More members of UNH 2020 begin to arrive on campus

As move-in day began, #UNHSocial unleashed a limited UNH Move-In Day geofilter for all Snapchat users located near the residence halls on the Durham, NH campus. If it was used and sent to us, we presented students with a cool #IBelieveInUNH t-shirt!

Our geofilter was created by Charlotte Harris ’18 and was only available from 8am until 2pm on move-in day.

At its completion, we saw more than 665 uses and 38,728 views within six hours. That means our brand was in front of 38K people on Snapchat with many users probably either still in high school or beginning college elsewhere. Either way, it gave the institution some great exposure to a young audience.

UNH Move-In Day Snapchat Geofilter Metrics
UNH Move-In Weekend Geofilter
UNH Class of 2020 Snapchat T-Shirt Winner
More move-in snaps sent to UofNH
New UofNH Snapcode Stickers

Besides Snapchat, we also had a strong presence on Twitter throughout the weekend.

We asked our followers to share photos with #UNH20 and #IBelieveInUNH and we monitored all weekend replying and retweeting many.

The hashtag #IBelieveInUNH was use over fifty times and #UNH20 was tweeted 106 times within a 24 hour period.

The main Twitter account gained 198 new followers over move-in weekend with 99 retweets and 110 mentions. UNHStudents received 69 new followers with 23 retweets and 31 mentions. The Twitter sentiment was positive all around.

Examples of Our Tweets on Move-In Weekend:

#UNH20 moves into Stoke Hall at UNH
The Catpack Rally for #UNH20 at The UNH Fieldhouse

Just a Few Tweets Sent Our Way…

Our Facebook presence was extremely viable over move-in weekend. We posted photos and videos on both Friday and Saturday and each post was highly successful and full of engaging content.

There are two posts I’d like to share, beginning with our video recapping the first day of move-in weekend:

Video by Scott Ripley, UNH Communications & Public Affairs

We posted the video to YouTube, but also posted it to our Facebook Page, where it performed amazingly well. On Facebook, the video had an average completion of 41% with 25,359 unique viewers. The top audience for this video was women aged 45–54, which means many mothers tuned in, right? The Facebook post itself received over 1,400 likes, 194 comments, and 122 shares with more than 6,800 post clicks.

Another exciting Facebook post was the aerial photo taken at the new Wildcat Stadium on Saturday. UNH is celebrating 150 years in 2016! The Class of 2020 participated as did many athletes, faculty, staff, and members of the community.

UNH Celebrates 150 years with a special photo at Wildcat Stadium #UNH150

The Facebook post of this photo reached over 150,000 people and collected more than 6,400 total likes, 600 total comments, and 550 total shares. There were over 22,500 total post clicks as well.

Many comments were friends tagging others in the photo and wishing everyone a great year ahead at UNH. 💙

Follow @UofNH on Instagram

Let’s end by looking at Instagram.

Before move-in weekend began, we had 14,900 followers and on the first day of classes we were up to 15,500 — an increase of over 600 new followers on @UofNH Instagram. Our most significant photo during move-in weekend was the #UNH150 group photo at Wildcat Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

The aerial photo received 13,000 impressions with 8,827 people reached, and 1,374 who liked or left a comment.

Impressions = Total number of times this post was seen.

Reach = The number of unique accounts that have seen this post.

Engagement = Number of likes and comments on this post. ❤️

Special Thanks to the 2016 CPA Move-in Crew: Scott Ripley, Jeremy Gasowski, Tyler Wentworth, Jason Boucher, Charlotte Harris ’18, Devon Hamilton ’17, & Huy Le ‘17

Written by Jason Boucher, #UNHSocial Captain

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