Year 1 of UNH Alumni Takeovers

In 2017, we began empowering alumni in a new way, allowing hosts to take over our Instagram account for a day. Each week, UNH ambassadors told their stories. Typically they shared 3–6 posts about their lives post-graduation, each containing up to 10 photos, along with a series of InstaStory posts. It was a fantastic way to hear from them and share their love and appreciation for the University of New Hampshire.

Below you will find a quote from each. If you are interested in hosting a takeover in 2018, please email

Greg Kretschmar ’84

“I’m a proud UNH ’84 alum, and here’s a shot of me in the cover of The New Hampshire from 9/83! Ouch! Haha! Have a great day everyone!” — @gkretchy

Billy Kottage ’12

I graduated @uofnh with a Bachelor of Music in Music Education but have been on the road full time with Reel Big Fish since graduating. — @billykottage
UNH alumnus Billy Kottage ’12, trombone player for Reel Big Fish

Cherie Herne ’83

“I now reside in York, Maine, and am the proud owner of 2 small businesses, as well as 2 small dogs. The three of us enjoy long walks on the beach and salty treats. Stay tuned for more about Salty Girl & the Long Dogs… Writing skills acquired from my Creative Writing class help me in writing zippy descriptions for my driftwood creations. Successfully selling on Etsy requires quite a bit of clever and concise writing. Glad I took the writing program!” — @mainesaltygirl

Emily Neuburger ’99

“I graduated with a BA in Psychology and a minor in English. I now work from my home studio in Amherst, MA where I write books about creativity (Show Me A Story & Journal Sparks @storeypub) and teach classes. I also teach on-site workshops in museums, libraries, and schools all over the country. I have fond memories of Lower Huddleston, 2nd floor Gibbs, The Elvis Room, The Tin Palace, The Stone Church, Solar Fest.” — @emilyneuburger

Evan Patten ’10

Here’s a short reel of some footage @drones.up took yesterday and today of the scenic whites!” — chief pilot and cinematographer for Drone’s Up, Evan Pattern

Martha Coombs ’81

“It all started for the Coombs family in 1914! 4 generations later we are still here!” — @martha.coombs1 shared #UNHFamily photos across four generations, starting here.
Left: UNH Commencemnt 1979: Mary Coombs ’81 and Martha Coombs ’81 celebrating with Amy Coombs ’79. Right: Pinning ceremony for nursing students Margo Sullivan and Amy Coombs ‘79.

John Herman ’99, ’00G

“Hello UNH friends! A few of my students, sophomores at Epping High School, wanted to say hello. Future UNH students, perhaps?
I have been teaching for 15 years. I took a year off after graduating from UNH to continue to work for NHPTV, which started as a UNH work study position. My video production background and education background combined after I graduated. I’ve shot a bunch of short films and documentaries over the years. I have organized the young filmmakers workshop for the NH Film Festival for well over a decade. I am also the technical director for a film festival promoting substance abuse prevention.” — @johnherman

Josh Chamberlain ’99

“I have a degree in History from UNH. I was also a part of @WUNH_913 which led me to reggae music and I now spend a lot of time in Kingston, Jamaica. I moved to Kingston in 2007 to pursue a graduate degree at the University of the West Indies, Mona campus and completed a PhD in Cultural Studies with a focus on Jamaican Sound-systems. Today I will be sharing some stories about a school I work for in Kingston called @alphaboysschool. Alpha is a nonprofit vocational and educational school for unattached youth run by the Sisters of Mercy since 1890 (yes, 1890!). Alpha’s music program started in 1892 and since has graduated Grammy nominees and ska, jazz, and reggae pioneers. So there are lots of stories to tell!” — Joshua Chamberlain

Jasmin (Enright) Hunter ’96

“I started working for Sleepnet in Hampton, NH in 2011. They make masks used to treat sleep apnea and COPD, among other things (but more on that later). I do many things here, from product photography to researching how respiratory masks are used in hospitals. My pre-med focus at #UNH got me addicted to medical journals. I read them for my own health and to help advance any project I happen to be working on. I don’t know if I can really blame UNH for my nerdiness. I think I was born this way. :-)” — Jasmin Hunter

Dustin Feldman ’12

“I always make it a point to go back to campus and contribute in a positive way. One of my favorite hobbies every year is speaking to the students that are to-be speech pathologists, audiologists and those learning about hearing loss. As someone who has worn hearing aids since Age 6, I have a lot of passion for many things. Giving back is one of them.” — @dustinfeldman3
Idea Paint UNH Alumni employees

Darci Knowles ’84

Darci is the Owner and Creative Director of @darcicreative, and a 1984 graduate! She studied Linguistics at @uofnh, which has served her well in her lead Copywriting role at the agency. She has earned several National Telly Awards for outstanding television advertising and dozens of regional and local awards for excellence in marketing creativity. Learn more about her three fellow Wildcat office mates here. — @darci51

Joey Barima ’09

“Seacoast United 2017 Outdoor soccer tournament in Epping NH is well under way. Lovely afternoon for soccer.” — @jbarima

Dan Gejay ’12

“We’re @gtsclothing — a clothing brand designing & manufacturing activewear under one roof right here in the USA 🇺🇸. Our founders graduated from UNH in May of 2012 on a mission to shift the culture behind clothing manufacturing. In June of the same year, Greater Than Sports was born and the brand building began. Today, we ship our activewear all over the world from our Upstate NY headquarters and feel proud to say our journey began in Durham.” — Mike Borisenok, Dan Gejay, and Kelly Sullivan ’12

Amber Lilyestrom ’04, ’10

“I got my dream job right after graduation and became the Athletics Marketing Coordinator and eventually the Associate Athletic Director for Marketing & Strategic Initiatives at @uofnh for 10 years. In that role, I had the honor of playing a significant role in creating some of our most exciting traditions. One of my most favorite campus traditions is pat the ‘cat. I had the honor of working closely with @unhalumni, presidential events and programs + President Huddleston to add this tradition to our incoming student experience with the ‘Cat Pack Kick-off. 🙌🏻 I love having this mini-wildcat statue in my office to remind me of my 14 amazing years on campus.” — Amber Lilyestrom
Following her involvement with beginning of the University of New Hampshire’s lucky tradition to “pat the cat,” Amber Lilyestrom enjoys a miniature UNH Wildcat Statue on her desk.

Vinny Mwano ’15

“College to me isn’t about a journey to “find yourself,” instead it’s about being challenged in new fields that give you a different perspective of the world and people around you.” — @vinnymwano

Teri Hatch ’10

“I now work on the corporate education partnerships team at @DiscoveryEd. I’m excited to bring you today’s takeover from my office here in the Discovery Communications world headquarters in Silver Spring, MD — just outside of Washington, DC, where I live. Stay tuned for a look at @discoverycomm (home to @discoverychannel, @animalplanet, @tlc, and so many others), as well as some heartfelt reminiscing about why I loved being part of Wildcat Country so much!” — @my_commenteri

Raya Al-Hashmi ’13

Shortly after finishing school I started a photography business in Portsmouth, NH that specializes in personal and business branding work. UNH is one of the reasons I am still on the seacoast after finishing school. Your campus and community has helped me feel supported, encouraged, and like this is my home.” — @rayaonassignment

Kelly Sareault ’15

“I am an Admission Counselor here at UNH! A majority of my job is working with high school students, parents, and school counselors informing them about all the great opportunities on campus!” — @kmsareault

Mary Johanna Brown ’89

“(Here’s) a photo tour of @browncodesign which I founded in 1992! Take a walk around! Wow, suddenly 1989 seems like a LONG time ago! Taking a walk down memory lane to find a collection of UNH connections. There are many!” — @maryjohannabrown

Micum Davis ’98

“For 20 years now I’ve lived locally running Cornerstone Tree Care in Portsmouth. My English major prepared me well to succeed in a field of my choosing with strong communication and critical thinking skills. Today, I join 6 other tree companies for a day of pro bono pruning and tree care at Odiorne State Park in Rye, our 9th year paying it forward with the seacoast arborist collaborative.” — @micumsd, special edition Arbor Day takeover

Emily Sievert ’11

“I work for @Visitdenver, the tourism department in Denver, CO, as the Social Media Manager. I have been here for just under a year, but started my social & digital career after interning for Skydive New England in 2010 as their marketing rep. I am 1 of 6 founding members of the UNH Alumni Denver group! I run the Social Media (surprise, surprise) for our group and help plan some of the events.” — @essievert1

Kelly Moynihan ’14

“I came to Chicago in August 2014 for a combined dietetic internship and MBA program, and landed my dream job immediately after graduation with National Dairy Council (NDC) @dairygood. I currently work as a dietitian (RDN) with NDC as part of the Nutrition Affairs Team. Our role is to educate people on how and why dairy foods play a valuable role in a healthy eating pattern.” — @thefadfreerd

Megan Brunelle ’10, ’11G

“I work here at UNH in the Office of Alumni Relations. My role involves planning many campus events including UDay and the Wildcat Sendoff Lobster Bake! You may have also seen me in your city this year coordinating our Celebrate 150 events around the country. Right now, I serve as a member of the 4 person Commencement team and we are getting ready for the big day! Stay tuned as I show you what goes into planning Commencement and take you behind the scenes!” — Megan Brunelle

Zack Cox ’12

“I now work at New England Sports Network, where my job is to write about and report on the Patriots. In my four-plus years at NESN, I’ve been able to cover some pretty incredible sporting events. Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, college hockey (even a few UNH games) and a whole lot of Patriots, including Super Bowl LI down in Houston. Big shoutout to @thenewhampshire for giving me the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a career this exciting.” — @zackcox

Steve Pamboukes ’11

“I studied mechanical engineering at UNH, but learned a thing or two about business while I was there… In addition to @portcitymopeds, I own and operate Portsmouth Industrial Design — engineering and design services. This is a work in progress of a chandelier destined for local brewery.” — Steve Pamboukes

Monica Magari ’01

“At UNH I studied environmental conservation and for my internship worked for @the_sca for National Parks. This experience changed my life. I now work for @DenaliNPS and live year-round in the Interior of Alaska with my family. Stay tuned for more about life in Alaska and join me as we celebrate Denali’s 100th Birthday at SummerFest.” — @moonskye25

Kait Smith ’07

“I’m taking over the alumni account today to show you all what it’s like to work at @musichallnh. I’ve got a lot of fun tours and behind the curtain insta stories and pictures for you. Keep and eye out!” — @kaitsmithnh

Jonathon Millman ’90

“Life and career took a very odd turn shortly after graduation. I credit a very rounded, liberal curriculum heavy in the humanities for helping me find my way to this crazy industry.” — @jonathonmillman

Shelby Guptil ’10, ’16

“I’ve been living the most unexpected and amazingly fun dream since graduating from UNH with a BS in Dietetics (’16) and BA in Sociology (’10). I am the owner of @hackmatackfarm bison farm in Berwick, ME and a whole foods private practice registered dietitian in Dover, NH. I help many patients with weight management, blood sugar regulation, how to navigate food allergies, and resolving digestive issues. Make sure to introduce yourself at a farmers market (Exeter, Portsmouth, Newburyport)! Nutrition questions? Reach out at” — @shelbyguptillrd

Gretchen Klempa ’15

Gretchen and the Pickpockets (@gnp_rocks) here. We are a rock/soul/jazz band who met at @uofnh , we are on our way to Brooklyn tonight to play and will be playing Wild Vibes Fest tomorrow in South Berwick, ME!”
From left to right: Tom, Mike (’13, ’17G), Richie (’15), Gretchen (’15) and Ryan (’13)

Charlie Smith ’10

“I spent a year before quitting my job building my own tiny house! With limited financial commitments and the ability pick up and move my entire life in less than a day, the tiny house gives me more freedom to do what I want. You can also see me and the #wickedtinyhouse on the latest season of HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters!” — @georgerinnh & @wickedtinyhouse

Jen Weimer ’02, ’05

“I graduated from theUNH TSAS in 2002 and the UNH forestry program in 2005. Since then I’ve been a Forest Health Specialist with the state of NH. In addition to monitoring and surveying for forest pests I create maps to share with the public. Here are some examples (photos). You can find all of these on and” — @nhdfl

Steve Messa ’09

“If I’ve learned anything since graduation, it’s that if you stay humble, passionate, and positive, you can make anything you want happen. It’s all right there waiting, cheers to finding a following what you love!” — @stevemessa, Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale Az

Emily Bourque ’15, ‘16G

Emily share her experience running across the country raising money and awareness for young adults with cancer: “ On this trip thus far we have provided chemo care bags to over 100 patients, presented two scholarships to young adult cancer survivors so they can further their education despite financial hardship, created a mural with cancer patients at a local practice, and met/ conversed with several people who are currently battling, offering a listening ear. — Additionally prior to this trip I worked with a local restaurant to create over 700 rings of hope. These rings were created out of beads and string by kids while they waited for their meals. A poem about the power of hope was attached and kids were given the option to write a message to a cancer patient. I have delivered these at 5 oncology practices across the country and the response has been incredible.” BLOG
The Ulman Cancer Fund provides support to young adults currently battling cancer (and some adults too) through patient navigation services in person in Baltimore, MD but also satellite to anyone who needs them.

Lauren Colanto Krans ’08

“Lauren Colanto Krans ’08 and Chris Bowlen ’91 here to show you how two Wildcats run things with the City of Rochester NH Department of Recreation & Arena!” — @rochester_rec

Evan Mignogna ’99

“UNH led me to work with some of the brightest engineers and leading tech companies, as well as ambitious, disruptive start ups. Currently I work as a consultant to @delphiautomotive, a global leading automotive technology company. I love to cook, as you can tell from my own page @freehandkitchen, and I volunteer with @bajadogrescue, a nationally recognized no-kill full-medical treatment rescue housing 150 dogs.”

Kelsey Higgens ’14

“I earned my B.A. in Communication and have lived in CO for a total of over five years now and absolutely love everything the beautiful state has to offer. I like to think I have a very entrepreneurial spirit and try to be involved as much as I possibly can in the Denver/Boulder start-up scene…” — @miss.kelskels, a UNH Denver alumni networkcommittee member.

Tyler Walker ’08

“My time at UNH was instrumental in preparing me for a career as a member of the US Paralympics Alpine Ski Team. I’ve traveled the world, seen amazing places and met incredible people. My education helped me give context to everything on that journey, as well as helped me promote myself and my sport.” — @tbone_walker
Tyler “T-Bone” Walker ’08, a member of the US Paralympic Alpine Ski Team

Kristi Leclerc ’14

I’m the Residence Hall Director (RHD) of Williamson Hall here at UNH. I am originally from Lebanon, ME and got my degree in Sociology. I’m taking over the account today! Here’s me and the rest of Residential Life at our department meeting! — @kristi_leclerc

Justin Herman ’03

“While I’m blessed and honored to have this dream job in public service, I don’t forget that passion was grown in the halls of UNH’s Political Science department. I still come back when I can to meet with students and share what I’ve learned — especially important because I could be working for one of them some day!” — @justintherman
On the right: Fellow Wildcat alum representing Emerging Technologies for ACT-IAC: Todd Hager ’86 at the workshop with Justin Herman.

Ryan Chani ’09

“My time in the Business program at UNH really helped prepare me for what the corporate world has to offer. I’m talking to CEO’s in a wide range of industries in a daily basis.” @RyanChani also covered his side gigs: stand-up comedy, writing, photography and hosting a live-streaming entertainment show.

Connor Roelke ’15

“NOBL Coffee Instagram Takeover for National Coffee Day‼️ Nobl was started two years ago by @connorroelke, launched out of the 2015 Paul Holloway Competition. Since the first location at the @the__juicery, we’ve grown to 250+ locations covering all 6 New England states!” — @connorroelke

Samantha Friedman ’15, ’16G

“When I first started at UNH, my goal was always to end up in D.C. It’s so crazy to think that my freshman year dream actually came true — and it’s truly due in part to the education and experiences I had while at UNH.” — @fried_sam

Kevin Haley ’07

“Since the first day I arrived on campus this school has felt like a second home. I have so many great memories of this place, and it’s one of the reasons I chose to remain here after graduating.” Kevin is a pro in MMA, and goes by the name @north_woods_nightmare.
Kevin Haley along with teammates and wife / fellow alumna skating with the mascots, Wild E Cat and Gnarlz

Annie Spano ’14G

“The MBA program gave me the confidence to try many side hustles and to ultimately, come up with a business idea that is now @stylecollective_. I wouldn’t be living a life of passion, purpose, or authenticity without this program.” — @annie_spano

Lin ’83

“As a graduate of UNH COLSA, I have a strong interest and connection to local agriculture. I really believe in supporting local farmers and agriculture, so my goal is always to buy the fruit I make into wine from growers located as nearby as possible.” — @CopperBeechWinery

Samantha Granville ’16

“When I had my interview with @parma_recordings, I stood out from other applicants applying for the position because of my experience with writing, social media and brand marketing… experiences I had because of UNH.” — @samantha.granville
Samantha is a2016 UNH graduate now working full-time as a Social Media Specialist for @parma_recordings.

Megan Brady ’04

This is the studio I work in everyday! Featured is my co-worker Adam Fish ’01. We both majored in communication while at UNH.” — @drivetimeproductions

Annah Todd ’14

“I chose to major in Journalism because I want to be an expert in learning new things and be able to articulate my understandings. I utilize my research, writing, and communications skills every single day after honing them while studying at UNH.” — @annah_todd FIRST POST

Ashlei Laing ’07

“I hope that our future students will embrace such a diversity of educational opportunities and a strong #alumnifamily as #UNH embodies.” — @ashleilaing

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Written by: 
Kris Bowden ’02
UNH Producer of Social Media