So as I listen to the television shows I grew up watching, my mind is blown away from all of the negative content I was programmed with. A specific television show my mother still watches is Caso serados. After gaining understanding in the world outside of a tiny community I realize it is such wrong force’s of thought going into the mind of anyone… especially an infant or a young boy living in a house hold playing such crap…. Have we ever thought to ask, what are they actually talking about? Why are they even recording a court case? Really? Clearly something happened in a household that must be fixed, not publicize the issue to further condemned a man for his wrong doings. Worst yet publicize those very same actions knowing how the human mind works. How can one person have a desire to kill off someone that doesn’t appear the same as himself? Answer, is so lost into space.. mentally through his own generational curse. You see their is really another side to everything in existence. You just can’t have one without the other. Hot/Cold. Up/Down, In/Out. Boy/Girl. But you see all of these things are ideas that came from an infinite source. An invisible realm. Some call it the spirit real. Others call it Energy. Vibez. Whateva it may be, it is clear it is far greater then ourselves.. well I correct myself. It has been hidden through deception so that it isn’t magnified cuz realization came long ago that it can never be destroyed. Again with one there must be another.. at least that’s what I thought. There was an initial force, an Energy that thought himself to be. One way to begin looking at the world is say fuk the world. It’s nothing without me!! If I weren’t here than the world would not be here either. What?????? Boi who do you think you are? Well let’s think about this. If you weren’t here the world would’nt be here either. I don’t understand you ask. Hang in there you will i a second. We must begin to ask yourself from what perception am I living. Is it from the outside in or from the inside out? Do not read any further until you fully understand that Question for urself. You see you are doing what you do becaus of how your ancestors did things. You dont even know it but you are. And the deeper you get into acting out fear or unbelief, the farther you get from yourself. What is your motive? Is it a $$ amount?Do you seek to be the #1 marketer with the most money that everyone needs to come to unordered to find that one key secret. Open share you gifts, your knowledge, I mean come on dude ,, that is an exact duplicate of corporate America in the information age. . Others hiding knowledge from the other which led to what we see now.
But of course, everything is your choice. Why do we do what we do? And from what perspective are we living? Do you know who know who you are? Is your purpose to really guide others to help themselves or are you steal seeking control. If not a little kick back in commision’s but control. Dude the more you violate the infinite creation the worse it becomes for yourself. Yea you! My people are so far behind they won’t understand what I am saying, but U, READING THIS DOES. and no need to follow, just do what’s right. It will release the pressure that has been within your gut. The confusion within your mind. You can duplicate what your ancestors have done if you want, or or or you can actually be a big part of why this whole Nation will Unite. Seek to be the most high in what you do like your older brother, or know who you are? Yiu can’t lie to urself. You can begin to believe your own lies, but in the long-term it sucks. So release first off what isn’t yours. And you will physical experience a far greater living that what you think you have now.

Again your choice

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