At times I see me talking to others as if they are listening. Having ideas in my own mind. Wanting to say things to others in directly. That comes from knowing others are following.. it may not have to be physically. Especially now with technology.

I grew up with a negative look at life. Hated the law. Didn’t understand why. I just did. In gaining understanding through reading You were Born Rich and watching vids on the subconscious mind by Bob, I truly began to appreciate myself more. And I understood why I hated the law. Now, it is absolutely true, it is doing great injustice than the justice they think they are doing. Again it all started as kids playing around. Cops and robbers. Boy protects Girl. I want to be the Hero for her! Somewhere along the road we took the wrong turn . In a world where a knowledgeable marketer can steal your girl from you without her even knowing it.. crazy stuff. But you see i am grateful for incorrect programs or messages that are out. Eventually we get to the point of saying enough is enough.. grateful also that I didn’t believe in who I believed in, and that such a cheap bribe removed a future problem from my decisions. Foundation. You see your motives are a Major key . And most people are still living from the motives of their parents, or the motives of their friends, or the motives of the significant other. Foundation.

We must begin to ask ourselves the right questions. Like who am I??

Why am I here? {wrong}

How can I make the best out of every moment that I get to be here?

Perception is key! The way you look at a situation makes it so. Meaning you can ask yourself why am I still here? And all of a sudden a shit load of crap answers can flood your thoughts without having proper understanding on how the mind work. However in asking how can I mke the best of my current situation, I then begin to think different thoughts. Creative thoughts. Thoughts that’s do not involve the past. And I see my current situation as an opportunity to help someone else that mentally was where I am, which obviously led me here. I know just like Bob and Robert and all these Leaders of the world made something from what they thought was nothing, I will make something from what I now know to be a phenomenal creating . Being. Entity, Force!! Words are such a cheap way to describe us as we are! However no one, yea no one will manifest that realization until we go back and truly go back for our left behind warriors. Yes all. I thought about how States are so grateful that Herb is legalized yet the plug that provided the dank has been in a cell for Years? How can that be normal?? Here we have millions if not billions of burners.. and now taxes are being paid on the very same thing that a man wanting to make $$ to take care of his family is still locked away for?? Yet the very same man that locked him up attracted to him becaus he either does it himself or he has monitored the other. We need balance. We need real. We need to eliminate what isn’t to allow room for what is!

How can I be the change I wish to see?