Even as I red my own content or what I thought was my own content, I began to doze up. Was I bored or reading material lll. You see we have full control of what we choose to do. And in my opinion bored comes from continuing to do something your spirit doesnt connect with at that moment? So go play a board game . And grab that card bord box over there and use your imagination. Mhmm.

I believe our way to guiding this planet to become what it’s supposed to become and allowing it to propel to the next degree would be allowing separation . Separate man from woman. Growing up in a house of women, constantly filled with women I realized they have a whole nother language. Right when the man walks in the house that someone how are talking about how to make rice or some random topic that appears to be normal, so you think…. Women have completely changed the meaning of things and don’t even realize ehat they have done.. they have other men’s names on their phone and use these names as codes. They already know to begin changing topic if an introder is around and the recipient already understand the ransom shift in topic. Bishes slash women have mastered the art of communication, however totally manifested an incorrect result from it. I’ve noticed women want to be heard, that seek authority, they seek Love. While men seek RESPECT. Grant it this depends on where you are in your personal life, however women have lost hope on men simply because they lost hope in themselves still expecting for what they seek in return. It won’t happen. It cant. Yiu see just as money was an idea, so is Love . It’s an idea. It’s an image of what a ladies has in visioned her relationship to look like. Men don’t really seek RESPECT until they have been disrespected. Yet they seek it cuz at someone point they felt they were above it all. Honestly we must get back to our own foundation. To many people are completely off path due to being raised by a women. Lies run rampant in the household of a Hispanic women. They are so good at it, they have become master liar’s. These messages of confusion have penetrated not only the kids they have raised up but it also attracts more of that into their life. I am no master at this relationship thing, however I know I. At one point I was such a great liar, I began to enjoy how deceptive I can actually be. Where did I learn to be so snacky? Well after learning about the mind and how much you are affected at the early stages in life I quickly began to realize I was living a lie. A lie due to the fact that my beliefs came from a women that lied and began to believe these lies. I even got to the point of hating the same things this women did. I hated my father as if he did anything wrong. Well he did to her, so those thoughts were quixkly transmutted to me. She accused him of the very Same acts she was applying.

I reached out to my pops and began to reconnect with him. To than randomly get a message of him saying, why have you been lying . You areent working nor have uou been. Blah blah blah.. at the time of his accusations I was working extremely hard. Going out of the way to make it to work on time. Jumped on two buses. Rode a bike. Getting back late at times. At one point I was even working two part time jobs. To then get a crushing message from pops saying I was a liar . Of course I reacted and responded with words that may of hurt him. Maybe not. The reason I state this is cuz later on I find that he received these news by women. He was told something else and his perception of me changed 180° . Their is no such thing as racism . I believe women seek to have what men have. They are still in disbelief that man created she. And with that Denial. With that one disconnect on how they came to be , they refuse to submit. But you see only a man wanting to limit his gal woild want her to submit. In fact flipping the script I believe those arw church word’s and women want men to submit. They still seek control like if they can even handle it. They are so focused on the other girl, or what their man is doing they are even farther away from who they are. Me I do not seek to control a girl. To much of a headache and not worth it. But Boi do women want to see a man doing what they were told . Well fuk U bish. Do you realize how many cool as relationship have been sabotage due to lies. Do you understand the Gift’s you have been given and how you have now abused of the gift so it must now be transmuted to man. I cannot lie and feel good about it anymore. At ine point I didn’t care. And sure not everyone women is this way, but we must address an epidemic that is destroying men. How is it destroying men you ask? It destroys men when they actual begin to destroy each other. Ladies sit back and laugh as we kill and destroy [our shelves]