For a minute I wanted to go back and fix all the errors… what an incorrect way of looking at what was coming out of my Mind and soul. I will remove t9 so I can slow down and write each letter out. One min..

Well for now, we will roll with it.. it all started as a little joke. That led to what we have. We can learn so many listens from kids, our children. They truly are a direct reflection of us. And we must go beyond physical. We must because we our understanding remains in the physical ream in my opinion we will only get what we see. However balance is key. We must keep in mind that we are also a physical being. Uou see. Their must be balance. I have found ways to guide me into doing so my self. Simple techniques. Simple inner formulas that anyone and everyone shoild apply. In all reality, do your part. Yiu don’t need someone to teach you aboit you. And yea great thing it is yo help others. That euphoric feeling we get, but we must ask, am I addicted to that more than that actual work I do? You see we need balance. And in my opinion a solid foundation can cure all of the crap. Most people are still doing what they do to be #1. I personally want to be the last one! There are way to many people right now that are in yhe middle. Being controlled by one half, and not respecting themselves. Absolutely lost. There is a caise and effect to everything. And this has been am effect of decisions a few families decided to do. I was really close into saying a bad decision, but it is far from that. Perception! To the readers’ right now, your duty is to go back for those left behind. To those that read this year’s from now, never forget your foundation who you are…

I recently heard Bob Proctor on a YouTube bedoo speak on how if our destination is the center if the town. And we know where the center is, it doesn’t matter where in the heck your coming from, you will get there. WE will get there. Know your center. It’s easy to take advice, while yes there are good people.. most are lost themselves, which mean they cannot give you correct direction.


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