Grateful for the forward thinkers. The influencers. The ones with a purpose. As I sit here I find myself pausing a few times as if what I say matters. And I mean that in a way that I hesitate in what my thoughts are . Just imagine how many do this as they speak. We must remember that we have what we need within us, however a major key is to get it out. Not over thinking it so it can be that perfect thing to say. I am guilty if that myself . I’ll use girls as an example. I really use to have a genuine fear in approaching another girl. I waa blessed with the good looks that’s attracted them all to me. There I spoke 0% and got 100% results. So many friends or what I thought were friends hated me while in turn I hated them. Some respected me while in in turn respected them. But you see it’s reciprocal as well. I hated them while they hated me. I respected them while they respected me. There are no secrets to this thing. Actually it’s freaking simple. What’s your focus?

At times we seek perfection in everything. Shit I know I have. What if I mess up. What if she doesn’t say yes. What if I fail. Well you know what, the feeling if failure is much greater than the feeling of regret. That gut feeling years later than just still sits in your gut. I mentioned early how a girl walked with me to the parking place. Well I initiated that conversation. Grant it I did make up some fluff to start communicating but you know what, that act of courage had me feeling greater than ever, within. The result, I haven’t seen that which since and don’t care to either. The point it, when you overcome your fear.

  • F_ False
  • E_ Evidence
  • A_Appearing
  • R_ Real

And you transmute that to

  • F+ocused
  • E+nergy
  • A+ppearing
  • R+eal

You begin to think different. Your mind is now open to accept more than limitations. Infinitely more if you ask me. But no one ever cares what I have to say. Good. And they shouldn’t. You should. You see most people are still seeking approval from that other person. Their spouse. Their parents their kids theirs Friends. Their boss. Well as always the question to ask Thyself is do I approve of myself?

#Elevate #elevate #3l3^AT3

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