How awesome. Shit only in belief of what I see within myself. Consistency in moving forward, consistency in learning new things. Forget consistency in become a master of a skill or a trade. How about consistency in knowing Thyself. Reflecting more within that on anything out. Yes I am sure it will start off as challenging. And I also believe that is the safest way to dilute the information that should not have been there in for first place . Once you completely eliminate what isn’t, you now allow for what is to pour into you. It’s overflows that you just can’t help put to share it with others. The problem I’ve found is most people have convinced these sellves that what they currently do is it. They have found reasons to justify it. Weather it be the income you make. The relationship that surround you, yiu plainly put conditioning to thinking that’s all your worth. Regardless of toir previous THOUGHTS/ideas, it’s time to change yhat. Erase what you thought to be correct and begin to rebuild something different. Well it cant be that simple you may think, why sure it can. Really it’s actually easier than dwelling on what isn’t good. You see our current thoughts if not aligned with our inner creative side sends is an obvious message when we show we aren’t enthused. Satisfied, excited, vibrant. We must simply transmute those moments, that energy into thinking about something else. All you do is change the topic. Let’s think about this. If you are currently thinking it having ideas about something that makes you unhappy. Ask yourself is this currently happening now? When did this happen? If it isn’t happening now ask yourself. Hkw in the heck did it make me feel this way inside if it happened yesterday or last week. Scary if we dar say last year. In these moments of asking your self these questions you will begin to detect when you think in terms of the past. And this is the catch. No charge. I promise no credit cards or cash accepted for this. Lol simply change topic. Focus on something from the moment… well how in the world do I do that . Try flexing your thigh. Try wiggling your toe. Yea just one. Tell yourself I will wiggle my left toe and then follow through. Chang your Focus

Uou can choose to make a dream or vision board if you desire however from my perception anything that you put on a vision board literally limits what is. In fact you a cluttering your mind with what you think you want not allowing what is suppose to be . Be. Theee is not one material image that you can place in front of you daily to realize your inner you. Nit one. So why would I wiggle my toes or a finger, or flex a thigh muscles you may be asking? Well it’s only the beginning. The beginning of what? Of transition your focus. Your perception of how we have been conditioned to think. To operate. How long do I do this?? Well what are you expecting to gain? How long do you work doing what you do?how long do you invest in the study on the stock market. How long do you invest reading another man’s book? How long do you invest into wanting to manifest that one dream car? We are all different I am aware and what an awesome privilege that is. Most people are not operating any different than their neighbor. Or their spouse. Or their biz partners. Yet it’s so easy to pin point that thing looking from the outside in. Have we ever looked into why we noticed that aboit the other person?

I am for sure no genius in the subject, and I am fully aware that my life has not shown a positive reflection into the world. At least I thought. Uiu see i found that regardless of my results regardless of my physical results I am still UNI. meaning at first it was nore like damn I still haven’t made it after all this reading listening, connecting with others in the market place. The money hasn’t come yet, but wait wait, slow down. What’s your focus? And that may be why it hasn’t come. Look if we were to get this wothough knowing our self than in the long-term your further lost into that thing you so desired and it’s tuffer to find yourself. I remember once saying a prayer to thw universe God/Jesus/ whoever the heck was out there. I stated the reason we are all here and I am here speaking.. do not allow me to receive any of this stuff that I think I want until I am at a place to never loose myself in it.. guide me to always keep you priority. Don’t let me be like the celebrity that lost himself through the fake accolades years later. What’s your Focus? Why is it your focus? What do you expect your end result to be? Do you have an end result? In having an end result, have you ever though you are still limiting what can be? In setting goals and structure the whole day are you limiting what I can do if you just live?

But I have to work everyday and such an such time and I’ve been conditioned to follow a specific way of doing things. And I know, which is why I write this. For you. Here is something you can apply right now. If in your mind say I want to self x muscle. I wont command you to move a specific one but you choose . Than do it.. simply but you have started something different within you that will open a path to another way of thinking. A broken habitual cycle at its greatest. Here is another. Grab your coffee mug with the opposite hand! Stand in one leg as you shower. Dude you are weird!!!! Um yea and i embrace it. Also insane I was realizing I had been doing the same thing ****** again not even knowing it. So begin to change small actions you take on a daily and jist watch how UR universo behins to change