Whoooo, learning curve in 3/4’s. As I continue on my journey of financial freedom the easiest thing to do is say, alright. Enough is enough. Partner that with how flaw systems have been seen up in order for the masses to fail while only a selected few profit… I can complain and I almost got to the point of taking off (mentally). What good would that do? None! Quoted by someone making a huge difference in the world through sharing knowledge and not continually Horting knowledge. Remember – When life pushes you, stand straight, smile and push it the heck back! We truly do need more ethical humans on earth. Ill continue to do my part. So after reading some content that pissed off of but shit it’s reality I decided to pause for a few and re evaluate my thoughts. Anaylize what should be deleted completely from my mind.. we as creators deserve an equal opportunity to further create. That is where expansion comes from.. if I am reliant 100% on someone else’s success to help me than I must reevaluate.. am currently relying on someone else 100%? Am I choosing to learn from myself? Am I open minded to this transformational shift? Will I remain like most people and give up on my visions?

One thing I do know for sure. Irregardless of the immediate result, I have gotten to the point of bwing addicted to feeding my Brain.. mostly taking on new challenges, new educational programs that I know will play a huge role in that financial free thing I mentioned.. the fact that it has to come in this form is irrelevant. My mind is consumed with getting to control my environment.. I am at currently a mountain top. Breathing in the purest of air. Technology is pretty cool, but how awsosem is this moment.. I create. And you do as well. The snow is extremely bright, my eyes become brighter in glow due to the purest reflection of a clean environment. Not yet manipulated by no other. How important is financially freedom? It’s only important because of what’s going on if your aren’t! It’s only important because of jealous, greedy motives in the hearts of many.. I am sure I am one of them! I auto correct and adjust! Money is simply an idea.. what we all must experience is the choices to so as we desire, and not base all of our decisions based off a green Bak. We all need to let go of what isn’t ours, guide those in need to improve their own well being. Not take advantage of an open mind in order to profit.. u educate and share your failures and Victories, not hord breakthroughs so only you and your community knows. But again who am I? No one important to this physically consumed world.. or at least I thought. How I appreciate who i am. I appreciate where I am.. I appreciate where I have been. I appreciate where I am going.. I appreciate this moment?

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