Stepped on a 100 bill that cost me a Dalla.

Shout out to the creators of this app.

I decided to step outside. I currently hear a fucking helicopter that is obviously looking for problems. “I am the police. I am magnifying negativity within this community by focusing on all if the bad and neglecting any good!”

Dude go home to your family. Humans don’t need other humans humaning humans. Lol a police man is so lost I’m his own life or the simple fact that he is conditioned through his career to focus on that guy. Or this group! Bruh focus on your group. What does your community do when your not around Mr officer. Or should i call you deputy? “ Round two. Nothing yet boys" we will get em though. They have watched enough TV and listened to enough negative content that we have aired on their cheapest plans of TV network and that thing thing call radio. Looser!! We should have a strong month this month. I mean think about it man. That was about 300 hours minimum a month of incorrect program into their infant mind’s. They dont KNOW what other ways to live or earn a living. We git them where we want them.. they need to keep working , we control the tax laws and them… idiots” what time do we get off man?? Rookie we never stop. Get use to it

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