Talk about vibez, institutionalized! Why are they still even alive? Yes a bit of anger just began to rise

And it’s gone. Back inside. All I hear and see outside is not what I see in mind. Yes my physical body is here but my mind knows I am worthy of much greater. Much nice. Much cleaner. Shit we are all worthy of. However our minds have been polluted with what isn’t. We began to believe what wasn’t and we then got what’s not.

What the hell are you doing about it. Complaining ain’t going to work. And neither is thinking aboiut it. But but it’s happening and it’s not right!!! Yeas and neither is you dwelling upon It. Ok well than how do I change it!simply choose.

Well I am really looking forward to… no no no I see myself with …. Noo no no I am grateful for the visions i have already captured within my own mind. Body catch up! Environment Get right! All…. know thyself.