What a time. To be alive. To be here in this very moment. It is extremely easy to get into the complaine mode. That simply comes from incorrect mindset. Incorrect focuses energy. That’s all. What we must do is directed that energy to the direction of your desire. Whatever it may be. Yea it’s easy to say I want to be this or I want to do that!! But why? Why in the heck are you waking up so early??? Are you chasing dat bread? Chasing paper??? Rising and grindin?? No thank you! Have that bish chase you. Look I can’t speak for everyone. And i am sure there are people that enjoy doing what they do. The question still remains.. why? Yea you may not have any complaints. Shit most people think they wouldn’t if they were Born into having assets into their lives. Most people think they are good because they have been conditioned to work at the top of the working food chain. But you see, asking yourself why is vital! Why am I doing what I do?

Recommendation for anyone that works a job would be simply this. What if you were never paid or even recognized for what you did. Would you still do it? What if after all the “hard” work that you have done, no matter how long it has taken you, no one will ever know it was you. No accolades, no perpetual royalties. No picture of you on the front cover. Would you still do what you do? You see many people take action and do things out of incorrect motives. “Foundation” what is yours? Shit I’ll ask myself …. What is mine? And it is so easy to continue on with the reading. Scip over these vital questions… but why? Do you understand that there is simply one reason you are reading this! It connects with you! You may not agree with everything. Nor do I expect you to. However you someone how attracted this very small piece of words combined in digital format, and you have read this much. why continue? Are you still seeking that one word that will give you a break though transformation. That one idea that just may be the hit you have been expecting? Listen. Or read. or pay attention for that matter. Here to emphasize the importance of what I am aboit to say,I WILL NEVER FIND MY IDEA BASED OF SOMEONE ELSES MIND. BEGIN TO MIND YOUR OWN BIZ. well shoot are you saying never read other people’s content. Never listen to someone elses teachings? No I am not . Howberr whatever your motive is becomes the focus. Meaning you can compete block out the point of this whole writing if your are focus is incorrect. I give an example. I use to attend church wen I felt like I was fuckin up. When I felt I needed to please God. As if going to a specific building really pleased him? I use to read my bible all the time.. and it got to a point where I litwrqlly could not have a good day at work simply cuz I didn’t put the WORD in me.. that to me is the most dangerous place to be… just imagine you are aboit to go in to your job and you have new hires, you will also get that pronotion you have been conditioned to believe you deserve this week. Stick with me here. Let’s say all if this will happen on Friday. You have been very faithful and consistent in reading the WORD. You have done your tithes, you have given, yiu have loved unconditionally, you have meditated on your scriptures day and night. And that Thursday you just can’t find your bible. Imagine you have been doing this for 30 years, haven’t missed one day, and all of a Thursday lol you can’t find your bible? Again Friday os the big day. your moment. And it your perception you believe the whole reason all of this ever happened was because of you reading your bible. Because you meditate on the “WORD” cuz you are a tither.. what do would you do??? How do you react? Why are you reacting? Do you feel that the #1 source of all results In life came from this book, therefore results may stop because you can’t find the book? Or shit have you gotten to the point where it’s bigger than just a book. It’s your life.. it fills you up spiritually … it just keeps your mind right.. wothough it you just can’t with other’s??

Those questions are critical to understand and I’ll explain why. Ask yourself how and where would I be if no one ever promoted the book to me? What if I was blind and couldn’t even read? Where would I be? Would I even care for a promotion? Woild i even have to fill myself spiritually in order to deal with other’s, or with whatever the world throws at me?? Well those are good questions you may be thinking.. and they are.. not knowing who you are is a dangerous place to be. going back a perpetuating on an old man’s stories or a crazy girls diary and scary.. especially if they are lonely and need others to listen! But GOD wrote the Bible. Ok and God isn’t writing this! I mean dudes and dudettes. Negus and hoes, warriors and Bishes!!! Men and women, ladies and Gent’s. I present to you yiu. Have you gotten so lost into someone else’s breakthrough Moment. SOMEONE elses highlight real. Someone else’s song that went viral? What about me. And I don’t mean that in a selfish way. I mean that in a what about me way?

I once saw live Joyce Meyer and she is famously preaching the word of GOD. Comedian i tell you. And I truly mean that . She has a part where people cheer her on and then she begins. “ What about me, what about me” what about me” as she does the robot. Will Joyce you should ask yourself what about you? Listen if people really connected with the message or if people really need what you say, they will find you!! Yoindont need to keep going around doing the same thing over and over . YouTube. Your audios. Books, you are done! I remember a few years ago having a part time job at Lowe’s. With an apartment that I was clearly going to get evicted from. I choose to tell my boss hey I have a conference to go to.. mind you I was in Tampa, conference in Orlando! Left work early, a part time job!! Grave yard shift to make sure I made it to the conference. Gathered my best clothing, snacks cuz I had no money to stop and get a decent meal.. but who cares I am going to see Joyce Meyer live..lol even bought books and gave money on each night. I yea multiple teachings. And I didn’t have $ for a hotel. So what did I Do. What any child of God would do for God right.. drove back to Tampa amd made sure to make it to the next one.. and of all days of the year it was my birthday. So let me recap. Part time job, eviction, o it continues, my Son was in the belly of the beast. No $. Yet I figured out a way to go see Joyce Meyer live. Result i don’t remember a thing that she said, but I remember very clearly what was going on in my life! The pretty girl I met that walked with me toward my car. Lol I asked her for direction on where a certain parking area was and we walked. I even remember our conversation.. she asked a question that till this day makes me smile. In all the talking I was rwally heard U version? And I began to say well no but… you see… I have a… lol than realizing she was talking about the Bible app. So I’m my mind I clearly had something else going on, while she was simply interviewing me to see if I was a believer long enough! Or at least I thought. The point I am getting at here is yiu are important. Keep asking yourself what about me. don’t get so lost into helping others that you forget yourself.


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