Breastfeeding Week in Guinea: Breastmilk is a baby’s first vaccine

All mothers of the world, rich or poor have breastmilk. It is a natural gift, but in Guinea, fewer than 20 per cent of children benefit exclusively for the first six months of their life. This is why UNICEF organizes community outreach activities together with our partners in Government, WHO, as well as local and international civil society groups.

A mother who feeds her baby gives him a 14 times better chance of survival. Photo Credit : © UNICEF 2015/ Baro Tabassy

This year through women’s groups, mothers’ clubs, Baby Friendly Hospitals, community health workers, and the media we will take focus World Breastfeeding Week activities from August 1 to 7 nationwide on the theme: Breastfeeding — a key to Sustainable Development.

Concerted efforts are required to end malnutrition in Guinea.

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