Children on the move

The most heartbreaking images from the refugee crisis unfolding across Syria and other regions.

These little girls are among a record number of children fleeing conflict and violence in Syria and other regions right now.

Some of these children have been on the move for months. They have no water, no food and many don’t know where they will sleep tonight. These families have fled the bombs and the gunfire to find somewhere safe and secure to live. It’s what any family would do.

As with any conflict situation, children have been worst affected. The photos below put faces to some of these children.

Wearing a hooded sweatshirt and wrapped in a blanket, a boy sits beside a railroad track, on a rainy day near the town of Gevgelija, on the border with Greece.

Next to him, a woman and a young child sit with their luggage beneath an umbrella.

Two children, one of them eating, stand on a railroad track. Others who have fled their homes are behind them; some are walking, while others rest beside the track, one wrapped in a blanket and another trying to stay dry beneath an umbrella. Debris is scattered nearby.

18-month-old Ibrahim, sits on the dusty, debris-covered ground, and cries after arriving at the reception centre for refugees and migrants. He, his three siblings and parents have been travelling for more than two weeks since fleeing Syria.

The conflict and the exodus represent a historic crisis. The biggest question of our time is do we care for everyone, or just ourselves?

A young girls stands with other children and adults at a reception centre near the town of Gevgelija in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia after crossing the border from Idomeni in Greece.

A distressed child rests over the shoulder of the man carrying him. Uniformed officers from the special police forces of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia stand nearby.

The suffering in Syria is our suffering. The crisis makes a mockery of our dreams for a better world.

A girl stands with others who have fled their homes. She is clutching the hand of an adult who stands behind her.

A group of people walk along a dirt road, among them a boy burdened The group crossed the border traveling from Idomeni in Greece and are on their way to be registered for a temporary transit visa.

A person’s hand extends toward a boy who has wrapped himself and another child in a blanket.

In a better world, the happiness of welcomed refugees would be as persuasive as shocking images of death.

Two girls sit on the ground while a young boy stands next to them, on a rainy day near the town of Gevgelija, on the border with Greece. Others who have fled their homes amid the ongoing refugee and migrant crisis are behind them.

UNICEF is supplying safe drinking water and food, and setting up child-friendly tents for children who’ve crossed into the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. And in countries hosting refugees, we are working around the clock to ensure the rights of each child are being met.

Never before have we been needed by so many children fleeing violence and war. These children aren’t just from Syria, but from Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.

You have the ability to make a profound impact for these children today