How To Keep Your Lips In Sync With Moisture

Did you know your “bff” (best friend forever) is your lipstick? It gives you that polished look, but it can also dry your lips out and your look is not so polished.

Here are a couple of “TO DO’S” before putting on your lipstick:

  1. Exfoliate-make sure that you exfoliate your lips with a handmade sugar scrub. These have natural ingredients in them and won’t harm your lips. They will take off the dead layers of skin allowing your skin to get the moisture that it needs.

2. Prime-make sure you prime your lips with a handmade lip balm one that is made with beeswax because it protects, softens and moisturizes your lips. It also contains vitamin A which corrects all skin conditions even on your lips.

When using lipstick, if you choose a lipstick that is close to your skin tone they are low maintenance, meaning, you don’t have to be concerned about out lining your lips. Although, if you use lipstick that is not close to your skin tone you might consider outlining your lips.

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