OnePlus 6 Campaign Launch

“OnePlus wanted to expand their audience from an ‘early adopter,’ their existing hardcore fan base consisting of mostly tech enthusiasts, to an ‘early majority’ audience. The first challenge was how to make this happen without losing the original audience.” — Gilles Boisselet, ECD, UNIT9.

The new OnePlus6 phone was getting ready to launch in the UK, and it needed a grand entrance. The phone was fast — it had an elegant, smooth speed that felt almost effortless. And the campaign, which had to span through the teaser phase to the big release and across multiple digital platforms, had to emulate the phone itself.

The entire campaign follows a Blade Runner-esque style paired with a futuristic color scheme of red and blue lights coming together in one singular image. We wanted it to feel highly cinematic, with a focus on the element of light to communicate the smooth speed of the new phone.

We created nearly every element of the campaign from the photo and video shoots to creating the complex 3D and CGI pieces of content.

“OnePlus wished to seek a consistent worldwide brand tonality. Finding a long term creative partner, which is able to promote this consistency, was the second objective of this international pitch. Our main mission, at UNIT9 was to harmonize the tone, speech, and art direction of the brand, while using their new signature ‘The Speed You Need’’ — Yifei Chai and Romain Demongeot, Creative Directors, UNIT9

The teaser video received over 20 million views on YouTube, and the chatter around the web was unparalleled. Everyone wanted to get their hands on this unconventional phone, launched in a ultra sleek, unforgettable way.

“Never been faster or smoother in my life” — Yifei Chai, Creative Director, UNIT9

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