#GOTDACA Toolkit

For organizers and educators!

Who we are and the change we seek

Many of our leaders with Own the Dream are undocumented, we have benefited from DACA and we have made it a priority to provide help to undocumented community.

As the Own The Dream initiative, we engage and empower undocumented youth and allies who are committed to take action and lead implementation of DACA to attain justice for all immigrants. We are made up of affiliate organizations of United We Dream located in various parts of the country. We have received extensive training to ensure that as organizers we provide help that will further improve the lives of the people that seek our help. We partner with immigration attorneys and BIA representatives to ensure that proper legal counsel is provided.

OWN THE DREAM is organizing the undocumented community, members of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, and allies in the United States to build, empower our community, and create the next generation of leaders in order to achieve social, racial, and economic justice by mobilizing, engaging, and building relationships through direct actions, fight for just laws and policies, and providing access to DACA information and support.

How we help

  • Informational events, document workshops, and direct support for application assistance for applicants of DACA. Much of our work is volunteer-led!
  • Provide free online resources in English and Spanish.
  • Training for community members to develop a more informed and powerful immigrant community.
  • We are building the next generation of immigrant youth that will win sustainable change for our communities.

We welcome the opportunity to work with undocumented folks, community leaders, religious organizations, educational institutions, and pro bono immigration attorneys.

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Funding your DACA
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