What to know about your DACA in less than 2 minutes


  1. Republicans are coming after DACA

Today Congressman Gutierrez met with Secretary John Kelly of the Department of Homeland Security, and alerted people with DACA and those who benefit from it to prepare for the worst.

We know that Donald Trump has gone back and forth on his own commitment to protecting DACA and immigrant youth.

Just a week ago, the Attorney General of Texas along with 9 other states issued a letter to the Trump administration to end the program by September 5th or be sued.

2. DACA is still in place.

Trump has not ended the program, and if you have DACA, we encourage you to renew, if you’re up for renewal. If you are a first time applicant, we strongly recommend you don’t apply.

3. If you are traveling abroad on advance parole with your DACA — we are not kidding, come back ASAP!

4. If you have any specific questions about your case, including questions about homeownership, driver’s licenses or tuition, speak to a lawyer (NOT A NOTARIO) as soon as you can. Go to to find affordable and trustworthy access to legal advice.

5. Keep a copy of your DACA work permit in your wallet — at all times. Take care of your documents, they are the fastest way to prove that you have been granted DACA.

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