Immigrant Youth Who’ve Been On The Trail For Months, Available To Share Expectations

Across the Country, Immigrant Youth Have Declared That They are “Here To Stay”

As the third and final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton draws near on Wednesday evening, immigrant youth leaders from Florida, Colorado, the northeast and online across the country continue to ramp up their campaign to protect the immigrant community. Since the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, immigrant youth leaders who form the United We Dream Action “Honey Badger Squad” have led direct and online actions against Trump and his active anti-immigrant visionaries — supporters dubbed members of the Trump Klan — alongside pushing Clinton to not only meet, but exceed her commitments to provide relief to the immigrant community.

See below for some of what the United We Dream Action Honey Badger teams’ have accomplished in their #HereToStay campaign.

August 22. Immigrant youth from Florida, Colorado and the Northeast introduce Sen. Cory Gardner to the Trump Klan. For a full release of the action, click here.

Anghy Idrovo, a young leader from Danbury, CT eligible for Expanded DACA, said, “I came to the U.S. in 2008 to escape gang violence and have lived here ever since. When the Supreme Court’s 4–4 decision came out I was devastated and angry because I knew the Republicans played a role in blocking my deportation relief. But I knew I had to keep fighting for my younger brothers and my parents. I’m now part of a fearless and determined group of immigrant youth leaders known as the Honey Badger Squad whose one goal is to protect our families, our immigrant community and people of color, no matter what it takes! For us, this isn’t just about politics, it’s about survival.”

August 25. Immigrant youth in the northeast unfold a banner inside Trump Tower, then later escorted out, as Donald Trump meets with black and Hispanic advisors. For a full release of the action, click here.

Eric Cruz Lopez, a member of United We Dream Action’s Honey Badger Squad from Connecticut, said, “We unveiled this banner inside the gold and marble lobby of Trump Tower that says “Trump = Always Racist” because he is a racist, no matter how much he tries to cover that up today. We’re out here because Trump’s rhetoric has presented a very real threat to my family and all of our families and our communities since day one.” Cruz Lopez benefits from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA), which Trump has vowed to repeal immediately.

August 26. Colorado immigrant youth gather outside Trump’s CO Headquarters to share their stories and fight back against Trump’s hate. For a release of the action, click here.

Hugo Juarez, an undocumented youth leader in Boulder, CO, said:

“Trump’s anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim rhetoric and intent to carry out mass deportation for more than 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. is something our community will not tolerate here in Colorado. As the Honey Badgers we will fight back against Trump and his Latino Klan members in order to protect our families, our friends and our immigrant community.”

September 8. Florida immigrant youth gather outside Sen. Marco Rubio’s Miami office to expose his anti-immigrant politics. For a full release of the action, click here.

“We’re #HereToStay and will expose and fight the politicians who are backing Trump and who want to keep us in the shadows,” said DACA recipient and resident of Homestead, FL Juan Carlos Carabantes. “It’s hurtful to see Rubio, the son of immigrants, now look to limit the aspirations of a generation of new Americans. He cannot say that he is with the Latino and immigrant communities and then turn around to support a presidential candidate whose one goal is deport us all.”

September 9. At the Value Voters Summit in Washington, D.C., immigrant youth from the northeast joined a press conference led by faith organizations and later led a protest outside to await Trump’s exit from the building. For a full release of the action, click here.

Ingrid Vaca, an undocumented mother from Virginia, said/dijo: “Estoy enojada con Trump y tengo miedo por mis hijos pero como líder en el Honey Badger Squad de United We Dream Action estamos aquí hoy porque no nos podemos quedar callados mientras un hombre odioso con amenazas de deportarme a mi y a mi familia habla sobre los valores de este país. Queremos ser muy claros — lo único que Trump valora es destruir nuestras comunidades. Su visión para el país es uno de división, de odio en contra de los inmigrantes y musulmánes, asi como extranjeros, y queriendo deportaciones y encarcelamiento masivo. Estamos aquí listos para luchar porque nosotros ponemos la dignidad y protección de nuestra comunidad primero!”

“I’m angry at Trump and scared for my children but I’m with United We Dream Action’s Honey Badger Squad here today because we can’t sit around while a hateful man who threatens to deport me and my family panders on about American values. We want to be very clear — the only thing Trump values is tearing apart our community. His vision for this country is one of division, of branding immigrants, people of color, and Muslims as outsiders, and of mass deportation and incarceration. We’re ready to fight back because we put our community’s need for dignity and relief first!”

September 16. At the Knight Center in Miami, FL, immigrant youth together with a coalition of labor, immigrant and community organizations protest Trump’s mass deportation plans. For a full release of the action, click here.

Juan Carlos Olmos, a queer undocumented immigrant and resident of Homestead, FL, said: “We are here chanting our truth at the top of our lungs and fighting back against Trump because he is a real threat to the people of Florida and across the country. I’m motivated by the power of the people here today — immigrants, women, people of color, indigenous youth and LGBTQ folks. We are on the right side of history today and we will continue to make it clear that Donald Trump is toxic and support for him is support for hatred and racism in America.”

September 17. Alex Ortega (top) leads a group of five in raising their voice against hate in the model of Donald Trump’s event in Colorado Springs. For a full release of the action, click here.

Hugo Juarez, DACA recipient and resident of Longmont, CO, said: “During a part of Trump’s speech when he began throwing around his infamous mass deportation plans, five of us raised our voices and chanted “undocumented, unafraid!” Immigrant youth will not be silent when faced with hatred directed at our families and communities. We won’t back down — we will fight for dignity and a life without fear!”

Alex Ortega, a queer undocumented immigrant and resident of Longmont, CO, said: “After we were escorted out of the center by security, we joined a group of over 30 people chanting “No Trump, no KKK, no racist USA.” Trump wants to deport me and 12 million people, but we aren’t going to let him and his supporters like Senator Cory Gardner and Representative Clarice Navarro trample on us. We’re here to stay and protect our communities!”

September 21. Florida immigrant youth together with FLIC Votes, hold a press conference to expose FL Attorney General Pam Bondi’s role in blocking DAPA & Expanded DACA alongside active support of Trump.

Juan Carlos Carabantes, DACA recipient and resident of Homestead, FL, said:

“We want to be real — Pam Bondi’s racist and xenophobic attitudes towards immigrants in Florida has existed long before she expressed her support for Trump. That is why today we have the honor of inducting Pam Bondi into the infamous #TrumpKlan. We will not be silent on the dangerous rhetoric and policies that put not only my community in danger but communities of color as well. Donald Trump and Pam Bondi — immigrants are here to stay!”

September 26. On the day of the first presidential debate, immigrant youth deliver #TrumpKlan certificates to Senator McCain (R — AZ), Senator Rubio (R — FL), Senator Burr (R — NC) and Senator Gardner (R — CO).

September 27. Immigrant youth protest a Trump event at Miami-Dade College — InterAmerican Campus the day following the presidential debate. For a full release of the action, click here.

Juan Carlos Carabantes, a DACA recipient and immigrant youth leader residing in Homestead, FL, said: “When I saw Trump’s face, I made sure to look him in the eye and chant at the top of my lungs, “No Trump, No KKK, No Racist USA.”During last night’s debate, Trump’s call for “stop and frisk” was a clear attack on Latinx and black community members, like me, who would be subject to increased racial profiling, discrimination and fear mongering. ICE raids in Homestead have kept my family indoors for years, afraid to go about our daily lives. Trump’s plan would make this very bad situation even worse.

Folks have asked me if he will be getting “softer” on immigration. He’s not. Since day one, Trump has wanted to deport me and my family. His racism and plans for mass deportations are set in stone, so rain or shine, immigrants and people of color will show up to fight back because our lives are on the line — we are here to stay!”

October 5. Alex Ortega confronts state Rep. Clarice Navarro-Ratzlaffe at the Best of Pueblo Bash, on her allegiance to Donald Trump and his promise to eliminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA) and engage in a brutal plan of mass deportation. For a full release of the action, click here.

Alex Ortega, a queer undocumented immigrant and resident of Longmont, CO, who confronted Navarro-Ratzlaff said: “I asked Clarice Navarro, “if you are a ‘proud Hispanic for Trump,’ does that mean that you want to get rid of DACA and deport the 800,000 DACA recipients? Do you want to deport me?” All she could respond with was “I’ve answered this question,” ran away and then hid among the attendees as I continued to demand a “yes” or a “no” answer.

It’s a shame that Navarro, a Latina, is proudly supporting the mass deportation and racial profiling of people who look like both her and me. She sold out her heritage to get ahead in Republican party politics and I want Colorado to remember that she turned her back on us.”

Top to bottom: FL Attorney General Pam Bondi, Republican political consultant Alex Castellanos and George P. Bush, Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office. Bottom row: CO State Rep. Clarice Navarro-Ratzlaffe and FL Sen. Marco Rubio.

Armando Carrada, a DACA recipient and resident of Homestead, FL, said:

“Bondi is most known for the scandal of accepting a $25,000 donation from Trump with clear intentions of repaying him by not pursuing an investigation into Trump University. We are inducting her into the Trump Klan because she has decided to side with hate and racism through her endorsement of Trump, her pursuit of mass deportations and blocking of DAPA and expanded DACA.”

Franco Gutierrez, a DACA recipient and resident of Lafayette, CO, said:
“Castellanos is a Cuban American well known for his participation on CNN’s political team and as a Republican strategist. We are inducting him into the Trump Klan for enabling Trump’s hateful campaign. Castellano’s decision is clear — he’s chosen mass deportation and hateful politics over the wellbeing of the immigrant community. We are outraged but will continue to expose those who want us to live in fear.”

Anghy Idrovo, an undocumented youth and resident of Danbury, CT, said:
“George P. Bush is doing whatever he can for his political survival, even after he witnessed his own father be bullied, battered and bruised by Trump himself. We will expose his support in favor of xenophobic and racist policies. We must remind him that our immigrant communities deserve a life of dignity and to live without fear. We will do everything in our power to ensure the safety of communities of color threatened by the Trump campaign.”


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