It’s August and a new school year is right around the corner. If you were a high school grad this year, chances are you’re procrastinating right this moment on getting ready for college.

If you’re a high school junior or senior — don’t you smirk, YOU’RE NEXT. MUAHAHAHAHA. 😈

As we venture into a new school session, we’ve compiled a list of pro tips & life hacks for school survival based upon recent #UndocuGrads!

5 tips for undocumented high school juniors and seniors.

5 tips for undocumented college transfer or first-time students. Leggo!


  1. Start your scholarship search Junior year!

Scholarships are competitive, so it is always good start early and establish a relationship with the foundation or organization that is offering the scholarship.

2. Undocu-friendly schools are key! Don’t get stuck waiting months for a school to give you money!

Be smart about the schools that you choose! Schools that are known to accept undocumented students are the ones you should be targeting. Don’t put yourself in a position where you have to wait and get rejected from schools that are discriminatory toward undocumented students.

3. Find a support system — #undocusquad

One does not goes through life without support. So find yourself an #UndocuSquad or a group of people that’s got your back no matter what. Getting involved in local organizations is a good way to find this support system.

4. Do yo’ taxes (early!)

Everyone can apply for an ITIN number, so make sure you get one!

5. Take care of yourself #SelfCare

The college process is stressful, and especially difficult if you are undocumented! So take care of yourself, spend time with friends and family!

UNDOCU-First year students (entering college)

  1. Events With Free Food + Shirts = #Blessed

College is expensive. Straight up. But you can survive by going to events with free food and shirts. You’ll notice that your wardrobe will start consisting of departmental shirts and also that your support network will grow.

2. Explore! You made it this far!

This is a time to find what you’re passionate about! Take advantage of the college experience to learn and enroll in different classes, challenge yourself and push your boundaries!

3. Don’t be afraid to be vocal about your status & seek help!

Your status does not limit you to be able to receive help! Seek out help from peers & teachers. Challenge yourself by educating others on your undocumented status. You might even inspire others to share their story.

4. Remember to hold your institutions accountable!

Hold your schools and educators accountable! You have the right to publically funded scholarships and resources just like everyone else. Challenge your institution and the resources to be vocal about accepting and supporting undocumented students.

5. Balance your time in school with other activities that fulfill and challenge you!

While you are working hard at school, join outside activities that you identify with. Balance your school work with what you’re passionate about and remember to take time off to #SelfCare!

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