Rumors of a DREAM Act? Here is What We Know

Monday night articles came out reporting that Republicans and Democrats are collaborating on re-introducing a version of the DREAM Act, a legislation that would provide a pathway to citizenship for young people. Language and content of the bill are not public.

This comes at a time when DACA and TPS programs are under attack by extremists legislators that seek to end the program at all costs, and our job is to stop them.

To win permanent protection for all of our communities, we must come together to protect DACA to win more in the fights ahead. The lives of millions of people are at stake, and that is who we fight for, not policy!

Take action now! Sign the national petition that is almost at 100,000 signatures to ask elected officials to come out publicly in support of DACA, and sign a local petition to your Attorney General and Members of Congress.

Fight with us!

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