#UndocuGrads Story of Maria

This Maria Praeli From Ica, Peru. Grew up in New Milford, CT.

She graduated with a bachelors from Quinnipiac University Magnu Cum Lauda and with the Political Science Outstanding Senior Award.

My mother sacrificed her whole life in Peru to give me and my sister a better future. For the past 17 year she has been cleaning houses, getting home tired and sore after a long work day — she never complained though. There have been many days when I felt defeated, when my undocumented status overwhelmed me and I saw no point in finishing a paper, or studying for an exam. Whenever I would hit that road block, I would think about the sacrifices my mother made for me to receive an education — She overcame the language barriers, the customs of a new, unfamiliar country to provide for her family. The road to get here was tough and filled with many hard days and tears, but I did it with the love and support of my family. Mama, todo esto es por ti. Te amo un mundo, mil gracias por darme esta oportunidad.
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