finally we found out shit that has been hidden and

my ex revealed so much to me i hate that bitch

not really its

part of the shit;

they use to call me ass hole,

it was my first name

she converted to a bitch addicted to fame

pussy all the same,

Feel good, make most negus loose they fukin name

so lovely for the present moment;

no more need to be in mi surrondin

they love this shit

i’ve misconcepted all of this

abuse while we were jits

give necessities;

gain control of ur own brain

do u have one women?

is it just mis understanding

i know somthin;

i know somthin u dont know….

i cannot not tell u none of this bitch

i know they read everything

admin can suck my big dick

this is so old when will ya Mothafukin understand

ya can’t end infinite

u can try again the shit just gets worst for family

didnt think u wanted that duplicate a harvey

ill give u another chance

this shit is real don’t mistake none of this

we aint trying to hurst no one

just leave us alone u bitch

which means everyone that u try to please;

ya hoes are wrong

ya hoez ain’t strong

utilize a niggas strengths for ya own

understand thyself

ill give another chance

u wont regret; let it all be known

or else

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