Analytics from Unolabo: TOP-5 professions of the near future

What will the labor market be in 10 years? Nobody can answer exactly, because it is difficult to foresee the way our society and technologies will develop. Who could predict emergence a blockchain in advance? Only few. Nevertheless, this technology has changed our world.

Now we are witnesses of the Fourth industrial revolution which conducts to a cybernation of society. Therefore it is natural that labor market is going to be transformed in the near future. One should be ready for them not to be left in the basket of the future market of employment.

Our Unolabo project intends to create the Skillmarket platform by means of which people will be able not only to find work for themselves both in the country and abroad, and to receive/develop/improve the skills demanded at the labor market. Therefore we have decided to make the TOP-5 professions which will be especially demanded in the next 10 years.

The way of the rating systematization

Results of the analysis of the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the USA have been taken as a basis for our rating. Also by drawing up the TOP, we were guided by the principles of work. These data are relevant first of all for freelancers and outsourcers, as well as for labor migrants and seasonal workers. Therefore such positions as drivers or medical professions working on a constant basis in the region weren’t considered.

Yes, the research has been conducted by the American bureau, but tendencies cover the whole world. We consider the Asian region more perspective, where the Fourth industrial revolution has introduced the same amendments into the labor market. The matter is that in the Asian countries growth of workers’ qualification is observed nowadays.

At the same time, there is huge manpower, the most part of which is represented by young people aged from 16 up to 35 years. And the younger they are, the more actively they use the Internet and are potential freelancers of a new generation.

It should be noted that work of natives of Asia is often estimated cheaper, than their colleagues from the western countries. Therefore many western companies prefer to complete the staff with Chinese or Hindus. And in recent years such formats of cooperation as an outsource & freelance became the most demanded.

Any forecast or rating is based both on analytics of the market development and on the assumptions. However today it is rather difficult to do such forecasts, it is impossible to predict precisely how far will the AI technology promote.

AI is considered to be the most important competitor of the human being in the future because in the world the tendency to automation of many working processes is observed. Therefore many professions can shortly disappear.

Along with disappearance of old professions the cybernated society will need new experts. For example, already now the labor market demands AI developers or blockchain experts.

So, we bring to your attention our TOP-5 professions of the highest demand the next 10 years. Profession assessment (from smaller to bigger) was carried out by two criteria: annual revenue and need for experts.

5. Marketing specialists

Oddly to say, but in the next 10 years, marketing specialists will be demanded at the labor market. And interest will be shown to the experts carrying out the analysis of the market and also carrying out marketing campaigns. Demand for them during this time will create 136 000 new jobs. Last year marketing specialists on average earned $62 560. For work on this specialty degree not below the bachelor is necessary.

4. IT Analysts

Due to the computerization of our society, it is natural the growing demand for IT specialists- analysts of data processing problems for work optimization of computer systems. By data for 2016 experts of this sphere on average earned $87 220. At the same time to get a job the bachelor’s degree was enough.

3. Management consultants

One more administrative profession, demand for which by 2026 will create 96 500 new jobs. Last year management consultants on average earned $81 330. For employment on this vacancy, the applicant has to have the bachelor’s degree.

2. Software and applications developers

One more profession connected with computers. Developers are engaged in creation both operating systems, network software and recompiler, and various applications (in particular for mobile devices) today. To be employed the existence of the bachelor degree is enough.

In 2016 software developers on average received $106 860. According to forecasts, within 10 years the number of new jobs in this specialty will be $46 100. As for application developers, last year their average revenue was a little less — $100 080. However, the need for them by 2026 will increase by 5 times. It is expected that the number of new jobs for these experts will increase to 253 400.

1. Heads of information computer systems

The rapid development of information and computer technologies within the next 10 years will lead to the fact that labor market will need additionaly 43 800 experts able to direct these systems. Having a bachelor degree allows earning $135 800 in 2016.

Instead of a conclusion

The TOP given doesn’t consider many professions which can shortly appear because of rapid development of technologies (for example, city farmers, the system biotechnologist, etc.). It is difficult to predict potential demand of labor market in such experts. Perhaps, similar specialties will be demanded in 20 years or later, we are interested in the near-term outlook.

Using our Unolabo Skillmarket platform, people will be able not only to look for highly paid work, but also to understand what professions are most demanded in labor market now. Thanks to our development people will manage to adapt quickly under the changing demand, having every chance to find for themselves a well paid work.

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