Discover the digital labor market with Unolabo

Today the Internet is a field with exceptional potential for the development of the world economy in general and the global labor market in particular. So, according to The McKinsey Global Institute, the digital economy is already playing a bigger role in the growth of world GDP, than trading traditional goods.

With the expansion of Internet coverage in the world and the development of mobile technologies to a point of having an access to the Internet, the role of the digital economy will only increase further. That is why the Unolabo team, taking into consideration the global trends, has set out a goal to develop a new generation platform for hiring and finding job. In which we also take into account all the features of the so-called “The next billion” of the Network users — the Next generation.

The Internet is the future of the labor market

The Internet is developing at an accelerating pace. It took more than 10 years from the World Wide Web to get its first billion users (this milestone has been reached in 2005). The second billion was achieved in 5 years in 2010, and the third even faster — in 2014.

Today we are already on the verge of reaching the fourth billion users. According to the resource, which among other things tracks the number of the Network users, today this figure has exceeded 3.7 billion. It turns out almost 40% of the world’s population is connected to the World Wide Web.

That is the potential of involving a mass user here is still huge. It also concerns the labor market. Access to the Internet opens a lot of additional opportunities for hiring and finding work, both on the local labor market and all around the world. And Unolabo intends to make this process as convenient and effective as possible.

What does the next billion brings out to the world?

The next billion users is not just another figure in statistics. Ironically, it is symbolic a fourth billion users will be included in the process of digital communications on the background of the Fourth Industrial Revolution development. Alongside with this the role of the Internet will also undergo significant changes.

The first three billion users were in some or other way involved in the global network mainly as ordinary Internet-surfers, e-mail users, etc., and only then gradually were drawn into the process of the global digital market formation. However, the next generation will be different.

The new generation will right off the top join the Network as active participants and consumers of digital markets. Moreover, the very structure of this market will change. The next billion will include Internet users in the era of the winning smartphones and other mobile technologies.

The researches of Tufts University also speak in favor of our world view. According to the university specialists, the future Internet user is a client in a digital mobile ecosystem, where with his smartphone a person will not just be a user, but an electronic consumer: downloading a variety of content, buying and selling goods and services. This is a logical vector for the development of our current realities.

We believe the digital future inevitably awaits the global labor market. The emphasis will increasingly tend toward freelance in all areas of employment, where such an approach is possible. That is why our team also develops a new freelance platform with the current trends orientation.

Unolabo — new freelance solutions

The Unolabo Skillmarket platform is a service with the most organic and understandable functionality, so that every mobile user from the next billion can use it freely to find work. Unolabo will be available for anyone who can afford a smartphone with minimal functions and access to the Internet.

Here in Unolabo we are creating a global freelance platform for the new generation. Being engaged in development now we will become one of the first freelance platforms fully adapted to the the next billion users audience.

Our system will contain relevant information on the qualifications and skills of the Unolabo community members. Under the “Skillmarket” principle all users will have an access to demand-supply statistics for different skill categories, both on the local labor market and on the world market. Our platform members will be able to online monitor information on those skills they plan to use to earn for their well-being.

Realizing that digital society needs reliable and modern technical solutions, we are initially developing our platform using the blockchain technology. At the moment it is the most reliable tool for ensuring the decentralized security of our users’ data and more.

On the blockchain base Unolabo provides decentralized storage of all information important to freelancers. In particular, the information on experience, rating and reputation (reviews hash) of each of the Unolabo participants will be stored here. The inability to forge or remove information from the blockchain will ensure the authenticity of the experience and the quality of the freelancer’s skills.

We also use smart-contracts to build trust and good relations between customers and performers. All the work transactions are performed directly between employers and employees. While making up a new contract, the Unolabo system generates a smart-contract, reserving the payment from the customer in it until all the conditions are fulfilled by the performer.

With the smart-contracts customers will be sure that a freelancer will execute the order on time, and on the other hand freelancers will stop fearing a customer will unreasonably refuse to pay for the already performed work. And that is only a small part of innovation.

In the era of the Internet as an universal mean of communication and commerce, as well as in the era of multi-functional mobile gadgets, we see great perspectives for economic growth and expanding the horizon of business opportunities. All this will only contribute to the labor market globalization, and Unolabo knows, how to take advantage of such trends with the best possible impact.