Labor market: What kind of future is expected programmers?

The rapid introduction of digital technologies into our lives leads to an inevitable change in our lifestyle. And these changes affect our work also.

Let’s take for example the IT-sphere, which is now developing quick steps. However, not all representatives of this industry are of equal demand on the labor market. There are specialties, such as programmers, who have only a standard set of programming languages: there are a lot of such specialists in the labor market. For which reason it is difficult for a young software developer to realize himself in this sphere. And the salary here has become much less.

But there are certain branches, like AI or blockchain, where even beginners are in great demand and can compete for a good payment. And international corporations are already “fighting” for them, not even mentioning small or medium-sized companies. We want the users of our Unolabo Skillmarket platform to always be in trend and quickly find interesting and highly paid jobs. For this reason today we will tell you about what skill will help a young IT specialist to find a high-paid job today.

Where even a junior can make good money

The programmers have long been considered a privileged caste, which earns well and always has a lot of job offers. But this is not quite so — there are a strong segmentation and stratification by classes.

In recent years, many have rushed into this sphere. Therefore, the market has become overcrowded by programming specialists in the most common languages: Javascript, Java, Ruby, Python, C #, C ++, PHP. At the same time, professionals in new spheres are in short supply now. In spite of the fact that AI and blockchain as theories are known for more than a decade, there are not enough real specialists in this industry today.

Recent research by Chinese Internet giant Tencent confirmed that leading IT companies are experiencing a shortage of engineers capable of developing effective AI algorithms. According to the company, there are about 300 000 AI experts in the world today. At the same time, the market needs millions of specialists, which unfortunately there are not. And their number is growing slowly because in rare universities they teach the necessary minimum of knowledge — almost all such developers are self-taught.

This is also true for blockchain — breakthrough technology, which appeared relatively recently, but has already demonstrated its effectiveness in the most diverse areas of human activity.

However, despite this, the sphere also needs professionals. It is because of the lack of highly qualified personnel and there are problems with the blockchain integration for its universal use.

We also should not forget about the cryptocurrencies that accompany the blockchain technology, although they are already a separate industry. Here the digital currencies solve the problem of international transactions and allow maximum unification of the fund’s transfer, making it as convenient for all transaction participants. It is especially important that there occurs a tokenization of the real assets, which means that the blockchain and cryptocurrencies will not disappear: the world fintech has accepted them.

As we can see, there is a significant distortion in the labor market: breakthrough branches are represented by a minimum number of specialists, but there is an overflow of lawyers, programmers, and accountants. The traditional education system is not capable of solving this, but Unolabo can help.

The reason of high supply and low demand

Such a situation on the labor market had occured because of the fact that technology has dramatically stepped forward. At the same time, the training of highly qualified specialists lasts for years and often does not keep pace with the companies’ needs. Because of this, a shortage of professionals in the field of blockchain and AI had occurred.

Many specialists, because of the lack of specialized education in universities, are forced to learn the tricks of a new profession on their own. Usually such self-education takes place on the Internet. Practical experience here is gained in the process of working on a specific project. Even the recruitment of such a beginner carries the following specifications:

  • a person is trained on the spot and becomes an optimal employee, ideally suited to the parameters of a particular project;
  • an employee has an open mind. More often breakthrough ideas are made by the beginners, since they are not yet stiffened and are ready to experiment;
  • a salary of a novice specialist is lower than a professional’s one, but such an employee is much more flexible and more suitable for further development in related areas, promotion on the career ladder in your company.
  • devotion. If you brought a student and gave him a ticket to the world of new technologies, ensuring a stable and high income for his qualification, he will be grateful to you. The first work as the first love — you will never forget it.

And our Skillmarket, first and foremost, focuses on the search and training of young professionals.

Dream job at home with Unolabo

With the development of technology, many specialists have got an opportunity to perform their work through the Internet. And today specialists both in the blockchain and AI field can work as freelancers.

It is worth noting that most experts agree the number of people employed in the freelance industry will continue to grow (we already wrote about this earlier). But modern trends require a person to constantly improve the skills.

According to the preliminary estimates, if the technology development rate remains the same, people will need to undergo the procedure of professional development every 10 years in order to stay in demand on the labor market. If the pace accelerates, then retraining may be needed in 5 years already.

That is why here on the Unolabo platform, which is focused on the freelancers and expats, we have provided the possibility of additional training. As a result, we kill two birds with one stone: we give the users an opportunity to quickly find job offers and also allow them to learn and gain new skills. It is stimulated by the flexible motivation system.

Thus, we solve several problems, particularly — the specialist’s employment, as well as their further development as professionals. With Unolabo Skillmarket the users can choose a more promising direction of the activity field, as well as stay demanded on the labor market.

Our development makes it possible to assess the market demand for certain specialists. Therefore, the risk of getting no longer necessary knowledge with us strives for zero.

With Unolabo Skillmarket you can in the shortest time “raise” your IT-specialist without extra capital investment.