Michio Kaku and Unolabo see the future labor market in the same way

The development of the new technologies challenges the global labor market. An active introduction of the digital technologies into various fields of human activity changes the way we perceive the world.

Digitalization and cybernetics will reform the very structure of the employment. Completely new professions are coming to the fore, forcing the former labor market leaders to shift from their positions. And many prominent scientists of our time — the so-called “Visionaries” — are more frequently turning our attention to the formation of a new labor market relation paradigm.

That is why you can be sure, Unolabo works in the right direction, developing today such solutions, that millions of people will need tomorrow.

Which professions are doomed?

Just recently questions about the global labor market transformation raised famous American physicist of Japanese origin Michio Kaku. We have done the rating of the most demanded future profession in one of our last materials. Michio Kaku has done his own anti-rating of the endangered professions.

In one of his interviews, the scientist noted, that he saw in the future a tendency of different intermediary specialties simply disappearing, as they would just die out of uselessness.

In other words, where it is possible to implement the principles of decentralization of communication processes and the P2P concept, they will increasingly become important. In particular, Michio Kaku cited as an example the Uber taxi service and the short-term online booking and rental platform Airbnb.

Among other outsiders of the future labor market, the scientist allocated different low-skilled specialties from certain industries. For example, low-skilled medical staff, who could be successfully replaced by AI-based automated diagnostic online systems.

Pretty much the same awaits for ordinary lawyers-consultants, notaries. Today several versions of automated algorithm programs, the so-called “robo-lawyers”, are successfully functioning, and in time, grassroots jurisprudence (drawing up claims, applications, providing initial consultations, etc.) will increasingly be automated. And here it will great to also recall the smart-contracts, which Michio Kaku did not mention among the priorities, but here in Unolabo, we are actively implementing.

What does it mean from a global perspective? In the world that is changing under the sign of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the principles reskilling and constant self-training throughout life are becoming more relevant than ever. This becomes an urgent necessity if you want to remain a demanded specialist in the labor market.

What is Unolabo building

Seeing that many people will soon have a great need for reliable and convenient mechanisms for finding work, we have come to the concept of Skillmarket. In practice, all these trends and the most modern functionalities will be embodied in our unified freelance platform Unolabo.

Unolabo Skillmarket offers users a global online-platform of skills where a customer and performer can find each other as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Our platform meets the Michio Kaku criteria of the decentralization and getting rid of the intermediaries services. In Skillmarket an employer and freelancer will interact directly with each other, determining the work conditions independently.

Moreover, the platform does not take a commission from its participants for successfully completed projects or any other charges for the work within the system. In Unolabo we are aiming to get as close to the full realization of the P2p principle as possible.

But decentralization and the commission absence are not the main distinguishing features of the resource. Unolabo Skillmarket is not just another freelance exchange: we are building new principles of the interaction with freelancers.

Unolabo is developing a mechanism for tracking the professional growth of freelancers and the reward system for achieving new professional heights (mastering new skills, improving skills, etc.). With this, the increase of the professionalism and reskilling will also bring system users more bonuses for their activity.

Freelancer, do not pass by

Yet another fundamental innovation of our platform should be noted separately. If you work as a freelancer or has been working long ago, then you are familiar with one big problem with this kind of activity — freelancers social insecurity.

Today no freelance platform provides its users with any serious social mechanisms. There is nothing that would allow us to confirm the level of our income, and also to contribute a part of the earned money for health insurance, pension funds, etc.

Despite the fact that the share of freelance in the world labor market is constantly growing, freelancers themselves are forced to experience a lot of inconvenience in order to obtain a full-fledged social security.

What will a freelancer get from Unolabo? Our team intends to improve freelancer’s social situation. For them, we are developing a special smart-contract that will determine the conditions for the interaction of freelancers with international pension funds and insurance companies.

In addition, our smart-contract will ensure a good relationship between customers and freelancers, so that each side is confident that all agreements will be fully executed.

We are confident that, with our approach, freelancers will get the most convenient platform for work among the available on the market. And a customer, in turn, will have at his disposal reliable tools for recruiting qualified performers.

Let’s also recall that on November 27 the Pre-Sale of our project has started. We invite everyone to become a participant in the Unolabo Skillmarket.

Let’s build the future freelance industry together!