The TOP-5 trends on the IT-labor market by Unolabo

We are continuing the topic of an employment in the IT industry, which remains one of the most attractive for the job seekers. It is attractive both for working conditions and for quite competitive wages.

IT specialists remain one of the most numerous categories of freelancers / removed workers, that’s one more reason this sphere in the context of Unolabo Skillmarket is still interesting. Therefore, any important changes in the trends of this sphere will be particularly interesting to many users of our system.

Further we are going to talk about trends that will set the tone for the labor market in the IT sector next year.

The analysis base

The basis for our analysis is the report of Robert Half’s consulting firm “Robert Half’s 2018 Salary Guide”. Among other things, the company made a forecast on how the IT-vacancy market will develop in 2018.

The research was based on a survey of more than 8,000 professionals engaged in this field. Among them, 2 500 IT directors of the information companies in North America were interviewed. Therefore, the Robert Half analysts received the information first-hand.

As North America remains among the world’s top IT labor consumers, it can be concluded that the research conclusions will be quite relevant for other regions in general. At the same time, the US dictates the “fashion” in IT, which means that what we see in their market now will be relevant for developing countries in a year or two (primarily for Asian countries).

So, what should the employers and job seekers prepare for in the IT labor market in 2018? Let’s find out.

1. The IT market is still craving talents

Despite the common opinion that this sphere is already overcrowded with personnel and the labor market offers much more demand, in reality, this all turned out to be wrong. Or not exactly as it was described.

Today indeed there is an oversupply of low-skilled specialists. But on the other hand, the number of high-class professionals cannot cover the existing demand. According to the Robert Half analysts, the lack of the required professional level personnel begins to acquire the chronic problem features of the entire industry.

That’s why today IT specialists should be particularly interested in developing and improving their skills, mastering the most popular ones. And with this, they will get a perfect help from our Skillmarket platform, through which freelancers can simultaneously work and develop professional skills.

Moreover, the entire rating, the entire portfolio of an Unolabo participant will be preserved in the decentralized blockchain-registry. Today this is the most reliable method to provide future employers with reliable information about their work experience and their own qualifications.

2. The growth in demand for IT specialists is the global trend

The informatization and automation will get even deeper into the most diverse sectors of the economy. As one of the results — demand in the IT-specialists grows more not just in the information industries.

The manufacturing industry, healthcare, the financial services sector are among the most important consumers of labor for the big data analysts, data security specialists, programmers, software engineers, AI developers and so on. In 2018 these industries will have to resort to the IT expert services because of the increasing need for modernization.

Exactly here experts of the second echelon who on the level of the professionalism can’t apply for the leading positions should pay attention. In these branches, demand will be raised and only professionals won’t be able to close this niche completely.

3. The companies will start hiring faster

As shown by the Robert Half survey, two-thirds of applicants have lost interest in the vacancy because of the prolonged, multi-stage interviews, too long testing and lengthy reconciliation procedures. As a result, the professionals refused to apply for vacancies in favor of other proposals.

In the future, in order not to lose perspective candidates for a position, the companies will be forced to change the recruitment procedures in favor of greater efficiency. The IT directors themselves say this, 41% of them consider today’s procedures to be too protracted — on average the whole process takes 4.5 weeks.

4. The growth in demand will lead to the wage growth

Increase in demand increases the wage appetites of the programmers. As for today 44% of the Robert Half IT directors interviewed admitted that having found suitable specialists they could not satisfy their expectations for the wages. This means that the market will force the employers to pay more.

On the other hand, the employers will pay more attention to the young beginners with not very extensive experience. A number of the employers tend to hire less technically qualified candidates who demonstrate the potential and desire to learn.

5. Soft skills are the priority for IT

Ability to work in a team, successfully communicate and interact with other non-technical company departments — these are the main non-specialized skills that become very important for IT specialists.

Thus, 47% of the IT directors interviewed say the IT department often needs to cooperate with a marketing department. It is important for a programmer, developer, etc to be able to explain technical details to other employees in an accessible language.

As a result, they prefer to work with those IT specialists who are able to solve various related problems, able to listen and are sufficiently communicative.


We see how the information technology sphere increasingly covers the world markets. Therefore it is not surprising the IT specialties of the different profiles are among the most popular skills today.

The next year trends are obvious and the Unolabo Skillmarket platform is able to become a universal solution for the IT-vacancy market, both for the employers and applicants.

The employers will receive a convenient HR-tool with a global database of the specialists of the various profiles and qualifications. With Unolabo they can optimize their recruitment processes. In turn, the applicants will have an opportunity to work with the employers safer and more productively.

Moreover, Unolabo Skillmarket is created as a freelance platform with a system to encourage the professional growth of its users. Unolabo will stimulate and further motivate specialists to improve their skills, helping them to always remain demanded in the labor market.

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