Who is he, the employee of the future? The Unolabo version

The world is rapidly developing — the 4th industrial revolution is making its own adjustments everywhere. People should keep up with the changes in order not to stay jobless, since today in the world there are clearly visible trends in automating of work processes and replacing people by robots.

The robotization of all processes, the implementation of AI and blockchain into many spheres of human life quickly leads to the degeneration of working specialties. Simultaneously with this appears a demand for new professions.

How to become demanded in the labor market and have the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the needs of modern employers? The answer is given by the Unolabo Skillmarket project. However, in order to better understand the demand for our platform, it is essential to understand what is waiting for the labor market in the near future.

The labor market forecast

Experts from the University of Oxford believe, that by 2025 approximately 47% of the existing professions will simply disappear. And that is because of the active AI technology implementation. According to the forecast of Cognitive Technologies, by 2030 the share of self-driving cars will be 87% of all traffic. It means that many taxi drivers will have to look for a new earning.

Such a technology as blockchain should also not be forgotten. It can make many people unemployed. For example, it is expected that in a couple of years the confirmation of legal documentation with the help of this technology will be carried out. That’s why thousands of lawyers will become useless.

Informatization of society will lead to the worthlessness of those, who deal with processing large volumes of data, along with sellers, cashiers, office clerks. Gradually, uncompetitive professions will disappear.

However, highly qualified and creative professions also fall into the risk zone. After all, AI is now able to write stories and compose music all by itself. It is difficult to imagine the capability of this technology in a couple of decades.

That is why in the near future the labor market can almost completely change.

Education problems: who will be demanded in the future

The rapid development of technology makes people to learn constantly improving their skills, in order to remain demanded in the labor market and get a good salary. And, according to the scientists’ estimates, it will have to be done about once every 10 years.

In the next 5–10 years the most demanded workers in the labor market will be representatives of the following professions:

  • robotics engineers. Considering the growing robotization of society, this profession will be one of the most popular. After all, there should be someone who will design, create, tune and repair those robots;
  • app developers, web developers, specialists in the analysis of the market, marketing;
  • blockchain specialists. They already are in a huge demand, since this market segment is rapidly developing and needs a lot of specialists;
  • specialists in the field of agro-cybernetics;
  • “team designers” — project managers for outsource (they will specialize in assembling a team of various freelance professionals to work on a specific project);
  • teachers to educate specialists on new areas. It is quite expected that in the educational sphere VR and other technologies will be actively used to educate specialists in an environment as close to real conditions as possible.

Soon the labor market will need specialists, whose work is impossible to be replaced by AI. However, those jobs, where maintaining live personnel will be cheaper than robots will also be in demand — that is primarily service industry.

So how can people understand the labor market demand? The Unolabo Skillmarket platform can help with this.

Learn with us

Our team is developing the first freelance platform on blockchain — Unolabo Skillmarket. It helps to search not only for remote, but also offline work, also improving your qualification. It will allow to track the professionalism growth of the users connected to it. With our platform, people can learn a wide variety of skills, that will open up new possibilities to get a better paying job.

To stimulate users for training, an independent rating of the performers’ reputation will be created in the system. All information about users will be stored in a special decentralized blockchain-registry.

With the help of our platform people get an opportunity to quickly and efficiently find work both in their home city and abroad (including remote — outsource, freelance). At the same time they can determine what skills are demanded on the labor market at the moment in every country in the world. Such information is very useful for labor expats.

Besides training and job search, the Unolabo Skillmarket users have an opportunity to receive bonuses. They are issued by the MotiVa system for professional growth. Bonuses are also given for the successful completion of a transaction by a person or an independent arbitration conducted by him in disputes between employers and executors.

Bonuses, received in the system, can be exchanged for medical insurance, soft loans, air miles, paid professional master classes, or exchanged for discounts when buying tools and professional software.

Our Unolabo Skillmarket platform has all the necessary functionality, so that its users can always find a job they are craving for and get a good salary, regardless of the labor market conditions.