Watch live: actions and inspiration will take over the SDG Studio!

The SDG Studio was an inspiring space during the 2018 Global Festival of Action.

We are proud to present the programme for the SDG Studio of this year’s SDG Global Festival of Action!

The SDG Studio is a live stage where dynamic discussions, cross-generational dialogues, webcast interviews and inspiring talks showcasing change-making initiatives and revolutionary solutions to key global challenges will be taking place.

With over 30 sessions in 5 different formats, more than 40 speakers, the SDG Studio will be a lively stage within the Festival, and, more importantly, it will be a space for members of the SDG community to share their ideas and insights to an audience beyond the walls of the World Conference Centre.

The live stage is broadcast on UN Web TV and provides the platform for participants, speakers and key stakeholders to amplify their stories and breakthroughs with global audiences during and beyond the Festival.

This stage is aimed at bringing the Festival to virtual audiences through live streaming, webcasting, and social media.

Take a look at the talks and sessions that we have prepared!

SDG Action Talks

Talk at the SDG Studio during the 2018 SDG Global Festival of Action

From leveraging consumer power to how communities are using blockchain, from creating free access to independent information to how sports is creating a more inclusive society across the world. Our SDG Action Talks speakers will share ACTIONS that are already making a difference and advancing the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

They are full of inspiration, they are having an impact and they are keen on sharing their ideas, projects and solutions with the SDG Community.

Find out more about the talks!

Dreamers and Doers Studio sessions

SDG Studio at the 2018 SDG Global Festival of Action.

How to create an environment where everyone is part of making the SDGs a reality? The SDG Dreamers and Doers Studio session are short live discussions in which the new SDG thinkers meet are experts to share their insights on what is already happening, what needs to change and how we can all support and scale up the SDG global movement.

Find out more about the Dreamers and Doers Studio sessions!

Special talks: SDG Action Awards

Winners of the 2018 SDG Action Awards.

The 21 finalists of the UN SDG Action Awards will be at the Festival and we want our community to know them and their initiatives!

On Day 1 of the Festival, we will have the finalists at the SDG Studio where they will share their 3 factors for success in two separate lightning sessions. All festival-goers will have the chance to meet the finalists before the ceremony in which the winners will be revealed!

On Day 2 of the Festival, we will have a session with the winners of each category and the People’s Choice Award at the Ceremony, this will be the moment to get to know them and hear about their inspiring plans for how they will help make the SDGs everyone’s goals.

Find out more about the SDG Action Awards!

Meet the Directors

Panel discussion at the SDG Studio during the 2018 SDG Global Festival of Action.

The SDG Studio will also be a space to have conversations with individuals and organizations that are participating in other tracks of the Festival.

Filmmakers who are part of the SDG Global Festival of Action’s official film festival selection will be presented on this stage and have a discussion about their films and how these relate to the SDGs.

We will also host a discussion panel with filmmakers, storytellers, and organizations that are using immersive media such as Virtual Reality and 360° video to tell stories about issues that surround the SDGs and empower individuals to tell their own stories with these technologies.

Take a look at the film screenings and VR Films!


And, as you might have expected… every day, the SDG Studio will close sessions with a live music performance!


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