Creating the butterfly effect

My name is Daena Neto, I am from Sao Tome and Principe, two small islands in the Gulf of Guinea. I am currently working as an International UN Volunteer as Executive Assistant to the Head of UNHCR’s Regional Service Centre in Nairobi (RSC).

RSC is a base of technical experts which offers regional leadership, cross-country analysis and technical expertise in refugee and displacement matters in the Great Lakes, East and Horn of Africa and beyond. I help support the implementation of the RSC comprehensive strategic approach in the region, working with the diverse units to produce a positive impact in the lives of people of concern.

Daena Neto during field assignment in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Turkana County, Kenya

I decided to become a volunteer, because regardless the amount of resources you have, personally you can be of help to someone, even if is just by listening on their predicaments. And to become a UNV, especially in this regional background, gives me the opportunity to assist more people, breaking out from the natural boundaries. Being a volunteer can enhance the harmony of a society and remind people of their sense of humanity and care towards others. It’s all about creating and encouraging the butterfly effect.

This is my story.

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