Gambian Returnees Band Together to Fight the “Backway”

Hatab, Alhagie and Alagie (from left to right) met in Libya in 2017 . © IOM 2019 / Miko Alazas
While in detention in Libya, Alhagie had dreams of returning to The Gambia and working in agriculture. © IOM 2019 / Miko Alazas
Hatab (center) recounts an experience with Alagie (left) of their boat nearly capsizing off the Libyan coast. © IOM 2019 / Miko Alazas
“My family cried when I came home,” Lamin recalls. “They thought I was dead.” © IOM 2019 / Miko Alazas
GRB’s approach to campaigns employs local culture, such as joining community gatherings over tea . © IOM 2019 / Miko Alazas
GRB led a peer-to-peer campaign through IOM’s Community Response App, recording video testimonies of other returnees. © IOM 2019 / Miko Alazas
With men comprising 97 per cent of Gambian returnees, Amie was the lone female GRB representative at a workshop on group management. © IOM 2019 / Mariam Njai
Alhagie (right) speaks to a journalist, showing the prominence of GRB’s voice on nationwide discussions around migration. © IOM 2019 / Miko Alazas
With a constitution and an elected council, GRB has taken shape over the past two years. © IOM 2019 / Miko Alazas

Official account of IOM, the UN Migration Agency.

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