Sports in the Time of COVID-19: Shooting Hoops for a Better Future

“People may think problems are only to be shared with family, but strangers sometimes become family.” — Ferdjani. Photo: IOM/Monica Chiriac
Prior to joining the camp, all the participants were tested for COVID-19 at the Centre for Medical and Health Research (CERMES) in Niamey. Photo: IOM/Monica Chiriac
Hoops4Kids gives boys and girls from different socio-economic backgrounds the opportunity to interact. Photo: IOM/Monica Chiriac
During the session on mental health, the team encouraged the participants to talk about their problems. Photo: IOM/Daniel Kisito Kouawo
During the weeklong camp, the players learned to dribble, pass and shoot. Photo: IOM/Monica Chiriac
Djibril Mamane, longtime Hoops4Kids participant turned coach, noticed a shift in dynamics from Day One. Photo: IOM/Monica Chiriac
Eight girls participated in this year’s edition, many for their second or third time. Photo: IOM/Monica Chiriac
Hoops4Kids provides youth the opportunity to develop their athletic and life skills through its basketball programs. Photo: IOM/Monica Chiriac

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